The Windswept Brothers

Balon and Valon Ostwern were lowborn bards and duelists in the kingdom, knowing only nights filled with singing, drinking, and carousing as they made their coin with song and string. When Nurgle’s forces first arrived in Ghyran it was not with sword, but with offers and many households of Keltri gave in to the greatfather and joined his forces. Those that didn’t quickly found their cities befouled and plagued with horrific diseases that melted flesh and left the streets filled with rotted corpses.

The night of conquest finally arrived and the Ostwern brothers found themselves locked behind stone walls as Nurgle’s forces besieged the city outside. The garrison wept and cried in pain as the boils and sicknesses took them in mind, body, and soul, but the brothers kept singing on mighty songs of heroes, of valor and honor to keep the men in high spirits.

Eventually the brothers succumbed to their illnesses but their songs continued upon the green wind of life where Sigmar was brought to tears by their melodies. He gripped their souls and stole them from Nurgle to make them anew upon his forge.

Reborn as Balon and Valon Windswept, Sigmar granted them charge of the Emerald Canticle stormhost where they would make sure the lords of Chaos would hear their songs and tremble.