The Convocation of Life

In Keltri many followed the druidic traditions that nurture and pull life energies from living things to accent their spellcasting. With the appearance of Nurgle in the gardens and glades of Ghyran the green wind found itself slowly weakening in the presence of the plagued ones.

Many of the smaller druidic orders were the first targeted by Nurgle’s assaults. The scent of the green wind was alluring to the greatfather’s minions and the orders found themselves hunted to extinction.

In one final stand a druidic circle held off chaos for fourteen days at their lodge deep in the woods, where massive fortifications of vines and briars alone crushed and consumed the invaders. When the plagued lords finally entered the hall they found it empty save for a sickening sweet scent upon the air.

Those druids were stolen away to be reforged by Sigmar into the first Lord-Veridors, a Temple their own akin to the Lord-Relictor Temple. Each Lord-Veridor pulls upon the green winds of Ghyran instead of the grey winds of Shyish to maintain the souls of Stormcast and bring them back to Azyr.