Jyorne Heartseeker

Born Jyorne Greysmith, the man who would become known as the Heartseeker was a humble blacksmith who spent decades honing his craft, humming his work song as he tried his best to craft the perfect blade, ever in pursuit of some magnum opus he would never truly be able to finish. Decades upon decades he spent between the forge and the mountains, finding new metals, new techniques, anything to fuel his passion.

Before he’d be able to truly craft the worthy blade he found himself ill. Each cough barely put a dent in his work ethic though, as he ignored his withering frame and kept humming along. Each day his hums and arms grew weaker, and finally he was scant able to leave his bed.

Sigmar caught the man in the nick of time, stealing him back to Azyr and reforging him as one of his eternals. A man so dedicated, so passionate for his mission deserved to finish his craft. Upon reforging, while the rest of the Canticle were placed in the Gladitorium, Sigmar personally left Jyorne access to the godking’s forge and let him pursue his blade. Nothing but a faint worker’s hum and the ring of steel left the forge for days.

It was on the seveneenth day of work that Jyorne finally strode from the forge, and held his blade aloft for all to see and admire. Even Sigmar found a wide smile of pride as he admired his new son’s work and granted both the blade and Jyorne their name, “Heartseeker”.

Jyrorne was then given his next mission and passion. The Knight-Questor was to go to the heart of Ghyran and find a seed of Yorreghal the World Tree. Yorreghal stands as a testament to the resistant of the green wind to Nurgle, and if it falls to the plague god then all efforts must be taken to preserve and regrow it, lest the green wind falter.

Jyorne raised his blade and took his newfound quest with eager acceptance, humming his work song immediately as he strolled to the sanctum to take his place alongside his new brothers.