The First Verse

The First Verse of the great song that would become the Emerald Canticle was the mighty hum of Sigmar as he threw their weeping souls upon his Sigmarite anvil. The verse was sorrowful, filled with empathy and sadness for the mortals as he glimpsed their lives and pains. Each word he sang was answered with his hammer’s echo, to create a sweet melody that filled the green wind of life and called to more to come to him for salvation.

Those forged during the First Verse are the founding members of the Emerald Canticle. Warriors of the First Verse once lived lives of virtue as knights and citizens of the various households of the mighty kingdom of Keltri in Ghyran before Nurgle arrived and despoiled their lands and people. Their hammers are true, their minds stalwart, but their hearts are jaded and sad knowing what was and could be.

Sigmar chose the First Verse to fight Nurgle in Ghyran as a chance to find vengeance against their hated foe and eventual closure of their past lives. Following the War for Rotwater Blight the First Verse separated from their fellow stormhost, the Hallowed Knights, to pursue some greater mission from Sigmar himself.


Singers of the First Verse