What is the Emerald Canticle?

When mortal heroes fall to the soulblights and aetherboils of Nurgle’s unholy plagues, its said their cries for mercy sing strongest upon the Green Wind of Life as they beckon for peace. Their songs are powerful, and in their moment of sorrow Sigmar weeps as he hears them cry, so he grips their souls on the wind and strikes them upon his anvil, adding his own melody to their song.

Step by step they are reforged into the mighty warriors of the Emerald Canticle. They are men and women who have known pain incomparable and sorrow inconceivable, yet are granted new life and resolve to find vengeance against the evils of the world that would inflict such things upon the innocent.

Each step of the legion, each beat of their wings, strike of their hammers is another instrument to their mighty song as they strike down the foes of the godking Sigmar.

Their song is the song of life.


Forces of the Emerald Canticle