Incoming! – Reclusiam Command Squad Chaplain

Finally! Today’s acquisition is one I’ve been looking forward to.

This is my favorite Chaplain, there’s a few good ones but most of them look silly. The main reason I wanted this Chaplain was his badass head options, however there’s one huge issue with the bastard. He only comes in the Reclusiam Command Squad which is unfortunate because that’s a $90 box that is worth exactly the value of what’s in it. A Razorback, Command Squad, and the Chaplain (and I don’t need a Command Squad and Razorback right now.)

Luckily for me, I found someone on Ebay who was selling just the Chaplain for $25. I eagerly nabbed it as fast as possible. I intend on converting/kitbashing him a bit into Reclusiarch Klamos, leader of my Chaplain squad, the Iron Chorus. I’m still trying to decide on whether I want them all to be jump pack infantry or not.

I’m loving this sprue though, I wish GW would release it as an actual release, I’d easily buy a couple more to finish this squad, until then I’ve gotta find some heads, torsos, and chaplains that look “bone-y” for the other Battle-Singers in the Chorus.



  • Reclusiarch Command Squad Chaplain ($25) [Ebay]

Kitbash – Neophyte Scout Snipers

This kitbash was an easy one, and one I absolutely love the looks of. Its a simple head swap I saw once done for a normal Space Marine Scout Sergeant that I think makes an amazing set of Neophyte Scouts that look so much better than the usual stubby, ugly, fat-necked things Games Workshop put out.

Let’s start with the supplies shall we.

20150605_205809 20150605_205900 20150605_205915

First up is the core component set of these infantry, the 5th Edition Space Marine Scout Sniper set. I’d like to start by bringing up this might be one of my least favorite sprues Games Workshop puts out for a large variety of reasons. To start off, you can tell by looking at it that the sprues that it lacks detail and fancy bits for spicing things up. There’s a couple little parts (some grenade pouches, a seal or two, a bedroll, a tyranid skull) but they’re really basic and either attach weirdly or just don’t look great on the models. The only thing I think I’ll end up using is the grenade pouches on each unit.


Second up is a set of Militarum Tempestus Scion Heads, I picked these up off Ebay from Wytchfire Studio for a pretty decent cost (head bits typically tend to either be high or low depending on demand, and sadly Scion Heads are high demand.)


The kitbash is a simple helmet swap, replacing the stubby heads from the Scout Marine Sniper set with the Tempestus Helmets, which fit nearly perfectly on the Snipers. I would actually argue these heads work better than the typical Scout heads because they have a bulb on the back that makes them actually have a neck that allows you to angle the head or have it looking around instead of being flat.


In my mock-up I kept running into issues with finding the right pair of legs and arms to match the torso. In my naivety I kept thinking these were actually poseable or had some freedom to design, and so I kept trying to position and tweak everything. It didn’t help the orange tack I use to mock up designs before assembly gave it some “wiggle room” and gave me some false hope. I cut out 4 pairs of legs before finding the right ones, and three guns.


Compared to the rest of the amazing Space Marine Infantry ranges (even the normal Scout Marines) these sprues are very lacking, both in substance and pose-ability (if they can even be said to have that.) That being said, the Tempestus Helmets really add an awesome look to the Snipers and if you’re even more brave, you can add the Night Vision Goggles that come on the sprue for the Scout Sniper heads to the top of some of the Tempestus Helmets.


I intend on replacing all of my Scouts and Scout Snipers with Tempestus Helmets in Clan Khorvaak. The semi-gas mask/technological vibe not only looks more realistic and fits well, it also makes them feel like they’re coming from a mining world (which is what Medusa, home of the Iron Hands and chief source of their recruits is.)

20150605_21134920150605_211329Total Cost of Kitbash

  • Space Marine Scout Sniper Box ($22.50)
  • Militarum Tempestus Scion Heads x7 ($11)

Inspiration – Militarum Tempestus Demolition Squad

Was considering what other kinds of squads of units might be found behind enemy lines and for some reason it randomly hit me that 40k seems to lack sappers or demolitionists in general. I suppose its because basically everyone has grenades or such.

Since the 89th Zetan Basilisks drop behind lines and sabotage the hell out of everything and fortify/hold up to pull attention from the front, they need a demolition squad badly. Not sure what sets I’d pull bits from to do it, but I’m sure I can find a lot of land mines, boxes, and bombs from the various IG kits that are out there and I need to give at least one of them a missile launcher of some sort.

Would probably be best to base this on a Tempestus Scion box of course, 5 units, each armed for demolition/AT.

Time to look into some WW2 Sappers, Minelayers, Saboteurs, and Demolition Teams for references!

Possible Bits

Captain Brown over on Warseer has some great pictures of his Heavy Weapons Teams with Missile Launchers I’m loving. I could definitely use something akin to this when I get around to making the missile launcher user in the squad.

Link to his thread.

NecroHeavyWeapons14 (1)

The 89th Zetan Basilisks – Premise, Forces, Conversion

I hit up a friend today to see if he had any extra unassembled 40k stuff lying around he wanted to sell. He informed me one of the things he has is a Valkyrie (woohoo!) and some random old school Cadian Stormtroopers (even more woohoo!). In the timeline of what forces were going to be added when, the 89th Zetan Basilisks were going to be nearly last, being a small special forces squad of Militarum Tempestus units.

I’m thinking about moving them forward to the second set of units though with my acquisition of a Valkyrie.


The 89th Zetan Basilisks are a Militarum Tempestus regiment based on forge world Gorgonum and most of their recruits are either stolen or orphaned from high ranking Gorgonum households. Their forces primarily serve the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos of Gorgonum and their whims, and are typically deployed alongside Clan Khoraak as a “gift” from the Magos to maintain standing relations with the Clan on extensive operations.

The Tempestor Prime of the Basilisks is Commander Rhandor Corellius, a hardened veteran whose tour of service is very extensive. Corellius led the former 88th Zetan Basilisks on a suicide mission decades previously that led to their destruction and survival of only himself. He now keeps a collection of servo/cyber skulls made from the remaining skulls of his former comrades-in-arms in order to remember them and continue fighting alongside them.

The Basilisks pride themselves on independence and strength of will/fortitude. Their primary strategy is to drop behind enemy lines, fortify locations, and hold out to provide distractions and damage to enemy forces and raid supply lines. Because of this, their individual squads each have a communications officer and a medical officer, as well as a dedicated Valkyrie instead of a usual command structure.


  • Tempestor Prime Rhandor Corellius
    • Memoriam Skulls
  • Tempestor Ghallic Fordrum and Fire Team Unum
    • Medical Officer
    • Communications Officer
  • Tempestor Hallwart Mallus and Fire Team Duo
    • Medical Officer
    • Communications Officer
  • Tempestor Fharyn Mordan and Heavy Weapons Team Tria
    • Lascannon Battery
  • Tempestor Illyn Hollar and Heavy Weapons Team Quattuor
    • Lascannon Battery
  • Tauros AV I
  • Valkyrie I (Unum, Duo)
  • Valkyrie II (Tauros AV I)
  • Valkyrie III (Rhandor, Tria, Quattuor)


There’s a lot of conversion options with Tempestus. The first change I’ll be making is to use Cadian style body armor instead of the Tempestus chestpieces. While I like the Tempestus Torsos, the Cadian ones just look awesome for a special forces unit.

Heavy Weapons Teams are not typically part of Tempestus, but fit thematically and would look awesome. So I’m throwing two Lascannon Battery teams on there with relevant Tempestus bits to make them look fitting.

I think I can convert a custom Tauros Assault Vehicle from a Land Speeder and some extra bits/wheels. It’ll take some work but I think it’ll be doable, I’ve seen examples all over the internet.

Each Fire Team also has a communications officer and medic instead of relying on a command squad for having just one. Will have to order an extra set of gear for him and the medics.

The Tempestor Prime will be fun to convert, I want him to be imposing, gritty, battle hardened. He’ll actually have a squad of servo skulls with bolters or such on them as well which I think will look awesome if done right.

Clanmaster Ferron Tyrus – Mock Up Model

Took some of my bits tonight and tried to come up with a core for how I wanted to make Ferron Tyrus. As the Clanmaster he needs to be “substantial” with a huge presence. I threw him on a Terminator base to give me room for terrain work and display (the final model will probably sit atop a tall rock or something.)

I tried a few different legs, there’s a pair of Vanguard Legs I want to try again to make him look more like he’s charging into battle. I intend to replace the skull in his hand with a cyber skull and maybe add some other cyber skulls floating around him or something.

There are four different heads I’m debating, there’s two shown in pictures here (one helmeted, one not) and I like both, but I think I can do better for the actual helmeted version.

Backpack is up in the air as well, lots of choices there. I like the eagles but don’t love them, might hunt down something with a servo arm or something.

His power fists might get some sort of attached weapon (combi-plasma + tube or something) on each one, rule of cool style.

Bits List

20150604_204354 20150604_204358 20150604_204432 20150604_204441 20150604_204451 20150604_204500 20150604_211953 20150604_211958 20150604_212008 20150604_212011

First Test Paint scheme

I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of “junk marines” I bought off a seller a few years back for like 25 cents a piece. I’ve since used them for painting practice and testing schemes. This was my first shot at Iron Hands highlighting and color scheme, its far from the final plan (there’s some changes to highlight shades, trim, etc. I need to do, as well as some spots I missed.)

But it gives a solid general feel I think of what I’m attempting to do with the color scheme. I learned a lot painting this bastard.

Changes going forward

  • Iron trim on the shoulder pads
  • Remember to paint the inner knee/leg/arm tubing parts
  • Next highlight attempt will be Russ/Fenrisian Grey for a “bluer” highlight.
  • “Bluer” white on the gun instead of Agrax Wash
  • Buy new Scar White (my current pot is rough, and made that shoulder skull look bad.)

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