Khoranth the Impending

FKA: Khor Ulrson
Rank: Knight-Imperius of the Thrumming March

An ancient Nordic chieftain of the World That Was, Khor Ulrson led a mighty host and warband that stood against the waves and temptations of the Chaos Gods for decades. His ancestors’ legacy of unyielding to the dark gods made his people a prize that the gods squabbled for. In the End Times his soul was contested in the void and nearly ripped apart before Sigmar heard his song full of defiance and stole him away to strike him upon the anvil.

Reborn as Khoranth the Impending, he thirsts for the fights of the Old World and brings his mace to bear against the Canticle’s foes. He holds no remorse for those that throw their lot in with Chaos and his lack of mercy carries the weight of his name across the realms.