What is Clan Khorvaak?

Clan Khorvaak is a custom clan of my own creation belonging to the Iron Hands chapter of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines). Khorvaak holds a much closer relationship to the Adeptus Mechanicus than the rest of the clans and as such holds many allies among the Imperial forces. Their primary recruiting world and ally in most of this is Forge World Gorgonum and its neighboring worlds in The Mining Ring of the Lapis System.

At base I’m primarily focusing on creating Clan Khorvaak’s primary Clan Company. Down the line I’ll be introducing other allied forces. The Clan will follow the “rule of cool” instead of hard codex rules and much of it will be played using homebrew or counts-as rules if it hits the table.

Clan Khorvaak Forces and Allies

  • Clan Khorvaak Clan Company (Adeptes Astartes)
  • The Lapisian 917th (Astra Militarum)
  • The 89th Zetan Basilisks (Militarum Tempestus)
  • Forge World Gorgonum (Adeptus Mechanicus – Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus)
  • House Stone (Imperial Knights)
  • Legio Fusilis (Titan Legion)
  • Gorgonum Planetary Defense Force (PDF)
  • The Decoxian Cabal (Inquisition)


The Lapis System

  • Forge World Gorgonum
  • Lapis III
  • Lapis IV
  • The Mining Ring

For charts, to-do lists, ideas, concepts, backstory, etc. You can find it all on my spreadsheet found here.

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