Warhammer Live 12/19 – Fall of Cadia – Part 1



Upcoming – Forge World Space Marine Mastodon

Some pictures hit the web of the new Space Marine Mastodon from Forge World. Really loving the look of the model, might have to get one one of these days (if my painting queue ever shrinks.)

Start Collecting! Box Values

Figured I’d do a nice little write-up, mostly for myself but I know how the internet loves their data. For those unaware, Games Workshop has released these nifty new “start collecting” box sets this week. The sets run $85 USD MSRP and actually have some serious value akin to the old Battleforce/Warband boxes. I decided to do a breakdown and list of all of the boxes and their contents as well as the total value gained on them.

As you’ll see in the breakdown, the value of these things ranges from $30-60 extra which is a great deal. I’ll be picking up one or two most likely for some painting later this year. I’m really hoping they continue this trend for future armies and additions.


99120113051_StartCollectingTau03.jpgStart Collecting! Tau Empire
-Ethereal on Hover Drone* (~$20)
-3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits ($75)
-10 Firewarriors with Drone and Support Turret ($50)
Total MSRP: $145
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$60
*Priced at average special character price, not available outside of boxed sets

99120110027_StartCollectingNecrons03Start Collecting! Necrons
-Necron Overlord ($28)
-Triarch Stalker ($49.50)
-12 Necron Warriors with Scarab Swarm ($36.25)
Total MSRP: $113.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$28.75

99120106039_StartCollectingTyranids03Start Collecting! Tyranids
-Hive Tyrant ($53.75)
-3 Tyranid Warriors ($51)
-10 Gargoyle Brood ($29)
Total MSRP: $133.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$48.75

99120105065_StartCollectingAstraMilitarum03Start Collecting! Astra Militarum
-Leman Russ ($49.50)
-Cadian Heavy Weapons Team ($16)
-Officio Prefectus Commissar ($21)
-10 Cadian Shock Troops ($29)
Total MSRP: $116
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$31

99120101153_StartCollectingSpaceMarines03Start Collecting! Space Marines
-Terminator Captain* ($20)
-Venerable Dreadnought ($46.25)
-10 Tactical Marines ($40)
Total MSRP: $106.25
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$21.25
*Priced at average special character price, not available outside of boxed sets

99120116012_StartCollectingSkitarii03Start Collecting! Skitarii
-Tech-Priest Dominus ($36)
-Onager Dunecrawler ($66)
-10 Skitarii Vanguard/Rangers ($39)
Total MSRP: $141
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$56

99120201058_StartCollectingSlavesofDarkness03Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness
-Chaos Sorceror Lord ($14.75)
-Chaos Chariot ($40)
-5 Chaos Knights ($33)
-12 Chaos Warriors ($35)
Total MSRP: $122.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$37.75

99129915027_StartCollectingDeamonsofKhorne03Start Collecting! Daemons of Khorne
-Herald on Blood Throne ($40)
-3 Bloodcrushers ($54.50)
-10 Bloodletters ($29)
Total MSRP: $123.50
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$38.50

99129915026_StartCollectingDeamonsOfNurgle03Start Collecting! Daemons of Nurgle
-Herald of Nurgle ($25)
-3 Plague Drones ($60)
-3 Nurglings ($25)
-10 Plaguebearers ($29)
Total MSRP: $139
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$54

99120208023_StartCollectingSeriphon03Start Collecting! Seraphon
-Oldblood on Carnosaur ($85)
-8 Saurus Knights ($35)
-12 Saurus Warriors* ($22.80)
Total MSRP: $142.80
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$57.80

*Calculated based on price per model in the 20 man squad

99120209034_StartCollectingGreenskinz03Start Collecting! Greenskinz
-Orruk Warboss ($29.75)
-Orruk Board Chariot ($30)
-5 Orruk Boar Boys ($29)
-10 Orruk Boyz ($29)
Total MSRP: $117.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$32.75

99120207036_StartCollectingMalignants03Start Collecting! Malignants
-Mortis Engine ($62)
-3 Spirit Hosts ($26)
-5 Hexwraith Cavalry ($33)
Total MSRP: $121
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$36


All “Start Collecting: X bundle” are web bundles and offer NO ADDITIONAL VALUE!

Upcoming – Damocles Command Rhino

Forge World just teased their new upcoming Damocles Command Rhino in their weekly blog!

I’m looking forward to nabbing one of these.


Upcoming – White Dwarf 95 Leaks – Blood Angels, Techpriest Enginseer, Mont’ka, Relicos Militarum, and more!

Special thanks to Lady Atia.