Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher, the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery, and first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life

Whew that was a mountful. Let’s begin!

Preservers – Chorus of Life (Warrior Chamber WIP)

First up we have the first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life Warrior Chamber. There will be 11 total (8 basic, 2 prime, 1 Knight-Preserver.) The Preservers operate similar to Liberators and are mostly called in following crusades to hold onto captured territory. They operate a little more autonomously than their brethren, but can form a formidable shield wall and stagnate quagmire of opposition on the battlefield.

For the most-part, its just a fancy name for sword/board wielding Liberators, since I intend to do weapon-based squads (including two-hand using ones.) They are built using the base Liberator kit + Celestial Warbringer Upgrade Sprue. The Retributor Badge was added to the shoulder of the Prime to bulk him up a little. My shoulders are also backwards (right shoulder should be badge of Stormhost, left is insignia of unit or lion for Prime.) Instead I chose to keep the Hammers of Sigmar logo on the right, with the Celestial Warbringer on the left, also traded the lion out for the opposite side.


Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher and the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery WIP

The Emerald Citadel is home to many secrets, as the ruined capital of the old Jade Kingdom of Verandon, there’s a neverending font of mysteries to be unlocked among its rubble. One of the first was that of the Grand Orrery, a magical astronomancer tool that was used to map the heavens and divine the positions of the realms and thus winds of magic. Such a tool is a powerful one, but relatively useless to chaos barbarians and thus was cast down.

Rebuilt to some of its former majesty, the Orrery is now maintained by the Lord-Ocular of the Emerald Canticle, Willen Realmwatcher, and his students. The Lord-Ocular’s former job was in a similar vein, and with this new tool he’s more accurately able to predict the wild swings of the various winds, as well as how the realms and heavens shift to wax and wane certain powers. Using this knowledge, the Emerald Canticle is more capable of planning assaults while Sigmar’s blessings are great and avoid dark omens when the winds of Chaos loom.

Willen is a peculiar master, and his acolytes are some of the poorer kept of the Lords. He has no patience nor time for empathy, every second is a closing of one gate and an opening of another in the sky, and thus he drowns himself in his books, constantly chasing some secret or mystery of the heavens. His acolytes are constantly underfoot, bringing him some beckoned tome or scroll, a new candle or lamp, or even some minor magical trinket to augment his focus. Though many acolytes cannot handle the stress and rigors of the day to day, the ones that stay find themselves sometimes blessed with just a drop of answers of the cosmos from the Lord-Ocular. Such truth is an addictive drought, and one that leaves the body frail and tired but the mind aching for more.



[Lore] Lord-Natum Morell Truesight

In his former life Moren Bell was an experienced general for the Elector council of the Jade Kingdom of Verandon. Years of war among the kingdoms took a toll on the old man, and he grew to resent conflict, choosing instead to forsake his duties and leave to the forests to live alone. Within the woods he came to know the sprites and messengers of Allarielle, and gave them gifts so that she may grant him permission to hunt and live off of her land. In return for his generosity and respect, he was granted a small pet owl and hounds to assist him in his hunts.

Years passed for Moren as time began to gain ground on his body. It was about that time that the ambassadors of Nurgle came forth through the forests seeking to speak with the representatives of the Jade Kingdoms. The ambassador stumbled upon Moren’s cottage in the woods and offered him a respite from the weary world, a new body and immortality. The winters were long on his old bones, and surely he only had a few more seasons of hunting left in him before he would perish and starve.

Moren thought long and hard upon the offer before requesting a moment to gather his old thoughts, he returned inside his cottage and threw open his chest, donning his garb and armor from his days as a general and even hefting his mighty claymore upon his shoulder.

When the door slammed open the Nurgle ambassador was cut down immediately by the mighty blade, accompanied by a cry of pain from Moren. Each swing cost him dearly as his frail body betrayed him, and eventually the ambassador’s guards finished him. With a dying breath Moren screamed out a cry of defiance upon the green wind.

His defiance was met with destruction, as the Nurgle followers ravaged his cottage, burning it to the ground in anger, killing every animal and fairie and treefolk they could find. The assault and fires drew the notice of the Verandonites however, and they readied themselves for defense ahead of the inevitable onslaught. Moren’s bravery had bought them precious hours with his sacrifice that allowed them to stand defiantly against Nurgle’s attacks to come.

On the green wind the soul of Moren Bell echoed, lost, as it wove in and out of the magic of life, its final cry of defiance letting all know its presence. Sigmar heard his defiance and saw the echo of the memory and gripped the mighty warrior’s soul and slammed him upon his anvil. Reforged anew, Moren Bell became Lord Morell, and was granted a membership in the Emerald Canticle to exact revenge upon his hated foes. As an added gift, Allarielle herself even granted the soul of his fallen owl to Sigmar, so he could be reforged alongside his owner. This beast was granted an innate link to the green wind as a boon, and through it Morell can truly see chaos wherever it may hide.

So it was that Moren Bell, now Lord Morell Truesight, was cast down upon the realms of Ghyran as part of the Second Verse of the Emerald Canticle.

Their song is the song of life.

His song is the song of defiance.

Lore – The Emerald Canticle: Notes of Renown

Been killing time writing tiny snippets of backstory for individual parts of the Emerald Canticle’s forces. Figured I’d provide them for future reference and for feedback from readers. Let me know if there’s anything specific you like, almost all of these points will be represented on the tabletop by characters, squads, etc.

Balon and Valon Windswept

In the realms of men they were twin brothers who wandered the streets making their coin as bards. When the Glottkin unleashed their plagued forces upon their home city and the gates were closed they were faced with the horrible gifts of the Greatfather. As more and more men died to the plagues, they found themselves taking the role of militia leaders in order to keep the peace. They rallied the soldiers with songs of courage and valor the best they could as the plagues ravaged the city and all hope was draining. Sigmar heard their courageous songs ring out on the green winds of life and wept, he gripped the souls of the lads and their men and brought them upon his forge.

It was said the ringing of the celestial hammer against the mens’ souls was the most beautiful sound that was ever heard in Azyrheim, and their creation created a song that was felt in the hearts of men in all of the realms, inspiring a glimmer of hope against Chaos. Thus the song of the Emerald Canticle began.

The Liberation of Ghyran

When the Celestial Vindicators made landfall in Ghyran to purge Chaos from the realm, the Emerald Canticle chose to follow in their footsteps. Their mission was to seek out human survivors wherever they may be hiding and embolden them in the fight against Chaos. Unfortunately the realm of Life had been torn asunder by Nurgle, wherever they found evidence of human settlement they quickly found evidence of the Greatfather’s gifts. Those humans who survived the plagues did so by giving in to Nurgle’s demands and joining his ranks. All that remained of the glorious human empire were massive, empty white stone citadels that dotted the landscape.

The Ranger-Generals of the Golden Glade

After failing to find human settlements, the Emerald Canticle shifted their efforts to finding human survivors in the wyldwoods. It was initially believed to be a lost cause (as it was unlikely the Sylvaneth would welcome anything within the woods that wasn’t one of Alarielle’s children) but fourteen days into the search they were found by an army of human rangers deep within the Golden Glade. Initially hostile, the Ranger-Generals were finally talked into council and met with the Lord-Celestants.

The survivors of the infestation of Ghyran either did such by surrendering to Nurgle or praying to Allarielle and her Sylvaneth children for safety. The Ranger-Generals were a series of human warlords in the times before Nurgle’s arrival, and had spent decades honing their skills in the woods since. Once refugees granted sanctuary by Allarielle, they were now protectors and guardians of the glades against the forces of Chaos.

The Emerald Canticle struck a deal with the Ranger-Generals. In exchange for their cooperation and assistance finding Allarielle, they would elevate a group of the Ranger-Generals to Stormcast Eternals. These emissaries to Sigmar would make sure the men of the realm of life always had an ear of Sigmar if they ever needed his assistance.

The Grand Alliance of Ghyran

Using maps and knowledge granted by the Ranger-Generals, the Emerald Canticle found their way to the Sylvan Council. At first, the treelords were enraged by the presence of the Eternals and blows were almost struck, but level heads prevailed and the Ranger-Generals and Emerald Canticle managed to arrive at a peaceful accord with the Sylvaneth. Much was discussed in regards to Nurgle’s rot and how far the corruption spread (with much shock coming to the treelords who had believed Nurgle had barely encroached.)

The Lord-Celestants knew the problem ran deeper than anyone present likely realized, and devised a solution. They would take up residence in the Jade Citadel, a former stronghold of the human empire, and help defend the rivers and vital lifelines of the realm against Nurgle. The Ranger-Generals would take up positions in the wyldwoods and glades and give advanced notice of the corruption to the Sylvaneth and Canticle as it spread.

Allarielle herself heard the whispers on the wind of the deals and blessed the council wtih her presence. As a thanks for their efforts in defending the realm she would grant the Canticle a magical lantern that was bathed in the winds of Ghyran, as well as access to the Celestrolabe, an ancient arcane device built by the old human empire for watching the realm for intruders. Using these tools she hoped they would help cleanse her realm of the taint of Nurgle and his minions.

Thus Sigmar’s forces were brought to ally with the Sylvaneth and Ranger-Generals of Ghyran, and the realm of life was united against the forces of Chaos.

Norran the Watcher

Atop his watchtower in Keltri Norran sat day and night. Every day he watched the line of writhing, sickening plague-spawn outside the gates waiting for an opportunity to strike. Even as his cough worsened and his nostrils bled, he stood watch, ready to notify of an impending attack. The Glottkin knew their forces weren’t capable of taking the city by brute-force and waited for the plagues to weaken the defenders, but as long as Norran sat in his watchtower shining his lantern, none dared challenge the city.

Norran was granted a new body by Sigmar after his old one faded to the sickness. Sigmar himself tells praises of the man, dying with a lantern in his arms. Thus in his new life, he was made Lord-Castellan of the Emerald Canticle where his watch over the realms of men would become eternal. When not on the battlefield guiding the light of Sigmar through the realms, he stands atop the Jade Citadel’s watchtower using the Celestrolabe to watch for trouble.

Lantern of Allarielle

A gift from Lady Alarielle to the Emerald Canticle, the Lantern of Allarielle shines an eery green light that causes an unnatural green flame if it is focused upon chaotic magic. The lantern has been used to great effect by Norran the Watcher to cleanse the forest and corrupted areas of the Realm of Ghyran. Its effects on living creatures tend to vary however.

Nayogg and Niyogg

A pair of black and white drakkoth that dwelled in Ghyran. They became corrupted by Nurgle upon drinking from the Crawling Swamp. They were subdued by the twin Lord-Celestants Balon and Valon Windswept and healed by the Lantern of Allarielle. They are loyal to their new masters, and although their thunder has been replaced by corrosive acid, they still manage to be powerful forces on the battlefield for the Canticle.

The Silent Sons

A portion of the warriors of the Emerald Canticle fall to Nurgle’s poisons and plagues between battles, many of these men can be reborn upon the soul anvil, but a few find themselves unfortunately damaged with a plague of both the body and soul that leaves them mortal. Using the Lantern of Allarielle, these men’s bodies and souls are burned away leaving only a stone revenant endowed with their strength and will but completely silent and lacking all personality and individuality. These Silent Sons are believed to have given the ultimate sacrifice in the crusade for Ghyran and are revered among the highest by the Emerald Canticle and even Sigmar himself. Their stone bodies fight onwards imbued with celestial might.

The Echo of Vengeance

A group of retributors known for their thundering cry upon striking the battlefield. Their song is harsh and deep and shatters the resolve of foes upon their arrival. Stories tell that their old lives were ones of misery and agony at the hands of Nurgle’s followers and that their anger towards the Greatfather is so strong as to manifest as pure celestial magic in the warp upon their arrival in battle.

There is more to write about of course (AOS has given a fountain of new backstory for which to come up with stuff, which is awesome) such as the Treelords/Sylvaneth allies specifically, the Judicators that were former Ranger-Generals, whatever-the-hell I’m going to do with my three Lord-Relictors I have, as well as the pair of Realmgates (one life, one plague) that I have planned. Much to do, much to do.

Lore – The Emerald Canticle: A Silent Song

The trees had grown thick with their roots like tendrils wrapping around every surface they could find. The heavy footsteps of the warriors of the Emerald Canticle thudded and sank into the mud and moss with every inch of the march. Some of the trees had begun rotting, and exuded fungus and maggots from every orifice, and they squished beneath their metal boots.

Norran held up his lantern and a green light lit up the forest. Something was amiss in these woods. While Nurgle’s blight had spread quickly throughout the forests and Nurgle’s gifts could be found nearly anywhere, these woods had progressed far too quickly into decay for being so far from the battlelines. A hum arose from his lantern and he gripped his hammer.

“Let the Chorus sing out brothers, our foes have been found!”

“For Sigmar!” his brothers yelled out as they unsheathed their weaponry and found themselves in a circle around him. Metal shined in the glow of the lantern and a fog had begun encircling their formation, the trees began shifting and moving as the forest itself awakened before them. Roots ripped from between rocks and underneath the soil as mighty oaks and elms sprung to life.

“We are not your foes!” Norran yelled out and held up his lantern, “We are guests of Allarielle the Life-Mother!”

One treelord leaned in close to a Liberator who’s blank metal face glared right back at its wooden mask. The emerald glow of its eyes matched the lantern before it began twisting into a sickly yellow, before he could react the treelord had grabbed the soldier and slammed him against a rock repeatedly until his flailing and screaming ceased.

Immediately combat began as the surrounding forest came to life and attacked the chamber, hundreds of dryads and treelords set upon the men. Norran held his lantern close and struck hard against the foes as his brothers fell on all sides. These weren’t Alarielle’s chilren, not anymore, they had become corrupted and stolen by Nurgle. Lightning struck nearby, and a song was heard on the wind, “Ours is the song of survival!” it echoed through the glade among the sounds of steel and wood, “ours is the song of life!” the canticle sang back loudly and proudly as they struck down their wooded foes on all sides.

Their reinforcements were sorely needed, half of Norran’s forces had fallen already in the ambush. Nearly four dozen liberators marched through the clearing and began laying waste to the corrupted Sylvaneth that lay before them. Every single strike against the treekin revealed the level of decay as showers of maggots and slime erupted from broken limbs and bark.

“Nurgle cannot stand in the light of truth and order!” Norran sang out as he held up his lantern and the beam focused, igniting a treelord in full green flames. The pus-filled maggots that amassed inside the tree screeched and whined as they fizzled out of existence. When he was finished all that remained of it was a pile of ashes covered in a cloud of green smoke.

The battle ran through the night with the Emerald Canticle barely stealing victory. Norran counted his men and from the seventy-two liberators that marched with him through the glade only thirty remained alive. His reinforcements fared much better, with only a handful of their men injured in the conflict. The Relictor had begun inspecting the wounded and was horrified but what he discovered, a strange rotting fungus had begun eating away at the men and was slowly consuming them.

Norran looked upon his three dozen surviving men, most of them were wounded and he wondered how many had been infected by this infection. He held up his lantern to one that lay before him gripping his side.

“Brother, let it be known your song sang true.” Norran said, as he held the light over the wound. The green glow seemed to make the fungus shift and shiver.

“My song..” the man trailed off, “my song was life..” he reached out for the lantern as the fungus grew up his side and slowly engulfed his face. Norran knew what he had to do. He lifted the lantern and focused the beam and the man became ignited in green flame. Norran continued through the night, immolating his own brothers that were infected by the unstoppable contagion. He cursed Nurgle with every brother who’s vibrant melodies were choked out by the “gift” that Nurgle gave.

When the morning sun rose in the glen and life and light returned to the undergrowth, Norran looked upon his work in the night. In the place of his brothers were empty suits of white stone armor. The lantern’s flame had purified their bodies, leaving only petrified statues in their place. Allarielle’s gift was a powerful tool, and Norran regretted having to bring it to bear against his own brothers.

Tears filled his eyes as he looked out across the garden that filled the forest, his brothers were now fixtures and reminders to those who would dare cross the forces of Order and the realm of life. Their sacrifice would never be forgotten, their valor would be eternal.

Then a crack broke out through the woods, and Norran spun around with his hammer. A figure stepped forward out of the shadows and stared at Norran. It was one of his stone brothers. Noran held up his lantern to the man and a vibrant green glow burned in the stone statue’s eyes.

“Our song is the song of survival!” Norran yelled at the living stone.

But there was no reply, it just shifted into a combat ready position. Soon Norran found himself surrounded on all sides by his former comrades. Even in death it seemed they would serve, although their songs were now silent.

He raised his hammer above his head and sang out, “Our words are upon the winds of Ghyran! Let it be known that we are Sigmar’s chosen and we are Eternal!” both his living and stone brothers raised their hammers above their heads in unison and the march began again. Vengeance would belong to the canticle this day, and Nurgle’s minions would suffer for their atrocities.

AOS/Lore – The Sons of Morr

And Morr wept.

Throughout the realms his children knew no rest. The sons and daughters of man were ripped from his very hands as he guided them to the afterlife by hostile and wicked gods. Their souls already damaged and torn asunder by the forces of evil while living, and while dead they could not even find sleep beneath the dirt.

His black guard set out into the world and did what they could, but they weren’t prepared for Nagash and his followers. Thousands of the black brothers died protecting his gardens from the unruly dead and their masters. Their souls ripped from their bodies while they still lived by Nagash, and their shells turned against their fellow brothers.

Then it all came to an end.

Morr’s tears flowed black from his skull into the void that remained as countless souls echoed and swam seeking rest and respite, but he could not even grant them a moment. The souls cried out and begged for him, but he was powerless against the dark gods.

Shylla looked upon her father’s face and knew what must be done, she set about gathering the souls, but for every one she saved a thousand black sons were devoured by Chaos. She took what she could and pleaded with Sigmar to help them.

Sigmar looked upon the maiden’s face and saw her sorrow and felt pity, so he took the souls by the handful and upon his anvil he built them anew against thunder and smoke. What stood up from his anvil weren’t men, they were vengeful sons who sought retribution for lost brothers. Black tears wept from their emotionless masks in solidarity with their father.

The Sons of Morr are an Eternal Stormhost consisting of the lost souls of Black Priests of Morr. In the End Times they fell combating the hordes of undead and wicked humans that turned to the dark arts. They defended the peace and rest of lost souls and were determined to grant every man, woman, and child a proper burial so their spirits would know sleep.

They are vengeful husks now, knowing their mission can never be finished and knowing what was stripped from them. They are blessed with armored shells by Sigmar and their essence touched by Morr himself. They are his divine will set about in the realm of Shyish, seeking to undo the madness of Nagash and his followers, as well as anyone who dare interrupt the sleep of the departed.

AOS – More White Dwarf Leaks, Extensive Histories, Sylvaneth (Treekin Faction)

We’ve got a new round of leaks from this week’s White Dwarf thanks to 4chan.

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AOS/Lore – The Emerald Canticle

The Emerald Canticle, Stormhost of Sigmar

The winds of Ghyran favor these bold men for their bravery in the face of the abominations of Nagash. Their lungs were full of the praises of Sigmar as they fell in the End Times against the unending hordes of undead. Their souls so blessed by the wind that they echoed like beacons in the vast void after the destruction of the world and Sigmar himself heard their song light up the darkness.

So it was that Sigmar gripped their souls in the endless night and struck them upon his anvil. The rhythm of their song with his hammer created a glorious melody of life and rebirth that the realms became drowned in.

The Emerald Canticle descends from Azyr upon ringing bolts of lightning, their songs in their hearts and lungs bellowing forth as they strike down the foes of mankind wherever they stand. Where they tread life splits forth from hollow and broken ground and the winds of Ghyran flow through the air blessing all they touch.

They seek to undo the damage wrought by Nagash and Chaos in the End Times and are the ultimate foes of death itself.

“Our Song is Life!”

Backstory for my Age of Sigmar Stormhost I’m working on. I intend to pick up the starter set within the next week and get right to work on it (since I’m still waiting on 32mm bases before I can continue work on my Iron Hands..)