Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher, the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery, and first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life

Whew that was a mountful. Let’s begin!

Preservers – Chorus of Life (Warrior Chamber WIP)

First up we have the first five Preservers of the Chorus of Life Warrior Chamber. There will be 11 total (8 basic, 2 prime, 1 Knight-Preserver.) The Preservers operate similar to Liberators and are mostly called in following crusades to hold onto captured territory. They operate a little more autonomously than their brethren, but can form a formidable shield wall and stagnate quagmire of opposition on the battlefield.

For the most-part, its just a fancy name for sword/board wielding Liberators, since I intend to do weapon-based squads (including two-hand using ones.) They are built using the base Liberator kit + Celestial Warbringer Upgrade Sprue. The Retributor Badge was added to the shoulder of the Prime to bulk him up a little. My shoulders are also backwards (right shoulder should be badge of Stormhost, left is insignia of unit or lion for Prime.) Instead I chose to keep the Hammers of Sigmar logo on the right, with the Celestial Warbringer on the left, also traded the lion out for the opposite side.


Lord-Ocular Willen Realmwatcher and the Acolytes of the Grand Orrery WIP

The Emerald Citadel is home to many secrets, as the ruined capital of the old Jade Kingdom of Verandon, there’s a neverending font of mysteries to be unlocked among its rubble. One of the first was that of the Grand Orrery, a magical astronomancer tool that was used to map the heavens and divine the positions of the realms and thus winds of magic. Such a tool is a powerful one, but relatively useless to chaos barbarians and thus was cast down.

Rebuilt to some of its former majesty, the Orrery is now maintained by the Lord-Ocular of the Emerald Canticle, Willen Realmwatcher, and his students. The Lord-Ocular’s former job was in a similar vein, and with this new tool he’s more accurately able to predict the wild swings of the various winds, as well as how the realms and heavens shift to wax and wane certain powers. Using this knowledge, the Emerald Canticle is more capable of planning assaults while Sigmar’s blessings are great and avoid dark omens when the winds of Chaos loom.

Willen is a peculiar master, and his acolytes are some of the poorer kept of the Lords. He has no patience nor time for empathy, every second is a closing of one gate and an opening of another in the sky, and thus he drowns himself in his books, constantly chasing some secret or mystery of the heavens. His acolytes are constantly underfoot, bringing him some beckoned tome or scroll, a new candle or lamp, or even some minor magical trinket to augment his focus. Though many acolytes cannot handle the stress and rigors of the day to day, the ones that stay find themselves sometimes blessed with just a drop of answers of the cosmos from the Lord-Ocular. Such truth is an addictive drought, and one that leaves the body frail and tired but the mind aching for more.



[Lore] Lord-Natum Morell Truesight

In his former life Moren Bell was an experienced general for the Elector council of the Jade Kingdom of Verandon. Years of war among the kingdoms took a toll on the old man, and he grew to resent conflict, choosing instead to forsake his duties and leave to the forests to live alone. Within the woods he came to know the sprites and messengers of Allarielle, and gave them gifts so that she may grant him permission to hunt and live off of her land. In return for his generosity and respect, he was granted a small pet owl and hounds to assist him in his hunts.

Years passed for Moren as time began to gain ground on his body. It was about that time that the ambassadors of Nurgle came forth through the forests seeking to speak with the representatives of the Jade Kingdoms. The ambassador stumbled upon Moren’s cottage in the woods and offered him a respite from the weary world, a new body and immortality. The winters were long on his old bones, and surely he only had a few more seasons of hunting left in him before he would perish and starve.

Moren thought long and hard upon the offer before requesting a moment to gather his old thoughts, he returned inside his cottage and threw open his chest, donning his garb and armor from his days as a general and even hefting his mighty claymore upon his shoulder.

When the door slammed open the Nurgle ambassador was cut down immediately by the mighty blade, accompanied by a cry of pain from Moren. Each swing cost him dearly as his frail body betrayed him, and eventually the ambassador’s guards finished him. With a dying breath Moren screamed out a cry of defiance upon the green wind.

His defiance was met with destruction, as the Nurgle followers ravaged his cottage, burning it to the ground in anger, killing every animal and fairie and treefolk they could find. The assault and fires drew the notice of the Verandonites however, and they readied themselves for defense ahead of the inevitable onslaught. Moren’s bravery had bought them precious hours with his sacrifice that allowed them to stand defiantly against Nurgle’s attacks to come.

On the green wind the soul of Moren Bell echoed, lost, as it wove in and out of the magic of life, its final cry of defiance letting all know its presence. Sigmar heard his defiance and saw the echo of the memory and gripped the mighty warrior’s soul and slammed him upon his anvil. Reforged anew, Moren Bell became Lord Morell, and was granted a membership in the Emerald Canticle to exact revenge upon his hated foes. As an added gift, Allarielle herself even granted the soul of his fallen owl to Sigmar, so he could be reforged alongside his owner. This beast was granted an innate link to the green wind as a boon, and through it Morell can truly see chaos wherever it may hide.

So it was that Moren Bell, now Lord Morell Truesight, was cast down upon the realms of Ghyran as part of the Second Verse of the Emerald Canticle.

Their song is the song of life.

His song is the song of defiance.

[Lore] Lord-Natum Kallen Woodbinder

The Age of Chaos wrought hell upon the Mortal Realms, and the men of Ghyran suffered the most under the perpetual plagues and anguishes of the soulboils that Nurgle brought upon them. Kal Woods was a humble apothecary, spending his days in his wooded retreat brewing all manner of potions, poisons, and salves to heal any wounds he would come upon. Long were his treks through the wooded glades of Ghyran, and many were his friends among the woodfolk and Sylvaneth that he came upon. More still was his status upon the outlying villages and cities who sought this wandering medicine man’s gifts as he brought them cures for whatever ailed them.

So it was when Nurgle came marching upon the realm that the people of Ghyran began to march to the top of the mountain to find Kal Woods’s hut. The first boils were simple, seeming like normal plague spread by beast upon man, but no salve or curate would bring them the relief from the pain. Each day another potion or drought, each day another death. Man after man, woman after woman, perished to the strange sicknesses.

Soon it was that even Kal himself found his body failing him as his skin grew sickly and pallid. He had become so lost in his work he hadn’t opened his eyes to the sickness in himself, or the destruction outside. As he exited his home he realized the staggering crowds of sick and dying that lay about his hut, the number of dead piled, and the horrors he could see just down the horizon as Nurgle’s crusaders lay waste to Ghyran.

The simple apothecary coughed, shook his head, and returned to his work, singing and humming some tune of faith, of hope, of truth. Sadly Kal perished to Nurgle’s soulblights far before he found a cure, and what remained of his soul continued that song upon the green wind.

It was there Sigmar found him and rescued him from the maw of chaos. Struck upon the anvil he was reborn as Kallen Woodbinder and would be gifted status within the Emerald Canticle to lead their men as a Lord-Natum. Through him and his mastery of the green wind, souls would be stolen from chaos and death and driven home to Azyr to be reforged and reborn again.

So it was that Kal Woods, now Lord Kallen Woodbinder, was cast down upon the realms of Ghyran as part of the First Verse of the Emerald Canticle.

Their song is the song of life.

His song is the song of hope.

White Dwarf 111 Leaks – Stormcast Eternal Dracoth Cavalry!

Quote on the French Warhammer Forum about the Battletome: Stormcast Extremis:

Next WD for your viewing pleasure:

Battletome Stormcast Eternals EXTREMIS (Because they’re more extreme than poor regular Stormcast peasants? It’s the 90s all over again!) 21€ / £15 / $25 / AU$ 99.999
88 pages, 2 battleplans, 4 battalions, 7 warscrolls ( so 2 more units than what is already in the WD, they refer to something called a Star Drake so your guess is as good as mine regarding what it will be)

– Dracothian Guards (2 mounted Stormcasts like the one in the AoS box) 55€ / £40 / $65 / AU$ your mortgage

– Knight-Heraldor (1 model) 19.5€ / £15 / $25 / AU$ a trained battle kangaroo
Yup, it’s just an alternate model of the previous Heraldor. Rejoice trumpet lovers for that one has no chance of sticking his instrument in his eye!

– Tempest Lords upgrades pack 9€ / £7 / $12 / AU$ your firstborn

– Starter paint sets 28€ / £20 / $33 / AU$ your soul
3 Marines or 3 Stormcasts, with 8 mini pots and a brush. Very very costly for the content so not really designed as an entry tool for kids, it’s more for parents looking for a present I suppose.

– Super Glue €7.5 / £5.25 / $8.75 / AU$ 15 (hey, it’s actually the real price!)
A box of 5×0.5g of glue, for a mighty total of 2.5g… … … I… I… I do not… wut?

WD starts with a photo that I assume is supposed to wake up all those who still believe for some reason that AoS is a skirmish game. Now go buy 12 more Varanguards and 24 Dracothian Guards while you’re at it *WHIPLASH*!

5 warscrolls inside the WD, actually one for the Lord Celestant on Dracoth and 4 for the Dracothian Guards that are actually just the 4 weapons options. Fulminators (glaives), Tempestors (not-bolters crossbow), Concussors (hammers) and Desolators (axes, which actually increase their number of attacks the more they are in the unit, 3 for 2, 4 for 4 and 6 for 6… now go buy more!)

Next week hints is something something Dracothion and Warriors of the Extremis Chambers.

Start Collecting! Box Values

Figured I’d do a nice little write-up, mostly for myself but I know how the internet loves their data. For those unaware, Games Workshop has released these nifty new “start collecting” box sets this week. The sets run $85 USD MSRP and actually have some serious value akin to the old Battleforce/Warband boxes. I decided to do a breakdown and list of all of the boxes and their contents as well as the total value gained on them.

As you’ll see in the breakdown, the value of these things ranges from $30-60 extra which is a great deal. I’ll be picking up one or two most likely for some painting later this year. I’m really hoping they continue this trend for future armies and additions.


99120113051_StartCollectingTau03.jpgStart Collecting! Tau Empire
-Ethereal on Hover Drone* (~$20)
-3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits ($75)
-10 Firewarriors with Drone and Support Turret ($50)
Total MSRP: $145
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$60
*Priced at average special character price, not available outside of boxed sets

99120110027_StartCollectingNecrons03Start Collecting! Necrons
-Necron Overlord ($28)
-Triarch Stalker ($49.50)
-12 Necron Warriors with Scarab Swarm ($36.25)
Total MSRP: $113.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$28.75

99120106039_StartCollectingTyranids03Start Collecting! Tyranids
-Hive Tyrant ($53.75)
-3 Tyranid Warriors ($51)
-10 Gargoyle Brood ($29)
Total MSRP: $133.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$48.75

99120105065_StartCollectingAstraMilitarum03Start Collecting! Astra Militarum
-Leman Russ ($49.50)
-Cadian Heavy Weapons Team ($16)
-Officio Prefectus Commissar ($21)
-10 Cadian Shock Troops ($29)
Total MSRP: $116
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$31

99120101153_StartCollectingSpaceMarines03Start Collecting! Space Marines
-Terminator Captain* ($20)
-Venerable Dreadnought ($46.25)
-10 Tactical Marines ($40)
Total MSRP: $106.25
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$21.25
*Priced at average special character price, not available outside of boxed sets

99120116012_StartCollectingSkitarii03Start Collecting! Skitarii
-Tech-Priest Dominus ($36)
-Onager Dunecrawler ($66)
-10 Skitarii Vanguard/Rangers ($39)
Total MSRP: $141
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$56

99120201058_StartCollectingSlavesofDarkness03Start Collecting! Slaves to Darkness
-Chaos Sorceror Lord ($14.75)
-Chaos Chariot ($40)
-5 Chaos Knights ($33)
-12 Chaos Warriors ($35)
Total MSRP: $122.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$37.75

99129915027_StartCollectingDeamonsofKhorne03Start Collecting! Daemons of Khorne
-Herald on Blood Throne ($40)
-3 Bloodcrushers ($54.50)
-10 Bloodletters ($29)
Total MSRP: $123.50
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$38.50

99129915026_StartCollectingDeamonsOfNurgle03Start Collecting! Daemons of Nurgle
-Herald of Nurgle ($25)
-3 Plague Drones ($60)
-3 Nurglings ($25)
-10 Plaguebearers ($29)
Total MSRP: $139
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$54

99120208023_StartCollectingSeriphon03Start Collecting! Seraphon
-Oldblood on Carnosaur ($85)
-8 Saurus Knights ($35)
-12 Saurus Warriors* ($22.80)
Total MSRP: $142.80
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$57.80

*Calculated based on price per model in the 20 man squad

99120209034_StartCollectingGreenskinz03Start Collecting! Greenskinz
-Orruk Warboss ($29.75)
-Orruk Board Chariot ($30)
-5 Orruk Boar Boys ($29)
-10 Orruk Boyz ($29)
Total MSRP: $117.75
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$32.75

99120207036_StartCollectingMalignants03Start Collecting! Malignants
-Mortis Engine ($62)
-3 Spirit Hosts ($26)
-5 Hexwraith Cavalry ($33)
Total MSRP: $121
Box MSRP: $85
Value: +$36


All “Start Collecting: X bundle” are web bundles and offer NO ADDITIONAL VALUE!