[WIP] Acolytes of the Convocation of Life (Khallen Woodbinder and Morell Truesight)

Finished two sets of acolytes for my Lord-Natum’s Khallen Woodbinder and Morell Truesight, including some pictures of them in here as well so you can see the themes and such of the student/teacher.

20170204_164203Class picture! The Stormcast Eternals are HUGE compared to their cohorts. (This is the third Lord-Natum Ghallo Skitterspeak, I still haven’t built his two students yet.)

Lord-Natum Khallen Woodbinder


Sala the Dryad Cursed, student of Khallen Woodbinder



Marak the Green Dowser, student of Khallen Woodbinder


Lord-Natum Morell Truesight


Allas the Wooded Knight, student of Morell Truesight


Ghulan the Blinded Blades, student of Morell Truesight



2 thoughts on “[WIP] Acolytes of the Convocation of Life (Khallen Woodbinder and Morell Truesight)”

    1. Its Balthasar Gold base with a double Agrax Earthshade wash. I really love that bronzish gold look. I think its distinctly “realm of life” at a glance, and I like that.


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