Alucian, Son of Alarielle (Assembled)

Six hours later, I finished up my Celestant-Prime, Alucian. So super proud of him, and cannot wait (and simultaneously dread) painting him.

Fluff time!

Sylvaneth are born from the mixture of Alarielle’s dreams and the green wind of magic, and coalesce in “soul pods” that grow into Sylvaneth.

In my backstory my Stormhost was sent to find a missing soul grove and finds it desolated by Nurgle, so they drive out Nurgle’s forces and recover a single damaged soul pod. The Lord-Natum (green wind equivalent of Lord-Relictor) discovers that the pod contains a dreamsoul of Alarielle, and the dream is of a mighty warrior son who would lead her forces and drive out Nurgle.

Since the pod is damaged, it will eventually die, so he returns it to Azyrheim where Sigmar chooses to take the soul upon his anvil and build it into a Stormcast. His new body is human, his soul is a damaged elven dreamsoul, and because of that he’s a bit “unstable” but is a powerful weapon in the Canticle’s arsenal when they need to unleash all they have against Nurgle.



3 thoughts on “Alucian, Son of Alarielle (Assembled)”

  1. Great work on the conversion. I really enjoy seeing your take on the army and this guy is no exception. Still easy to recognize what he is, bit with your own flair with the Treeman sword and scythe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yep that was the goal! Super happy you enjoy them, I really just wanted to tweak a few things. The Kurnoth weapons, shoulders, the life-magic stuff in the spiral to drive the theme of Ghyran home, then the hooded head for the “he’s human but still leaving stuff to the imagination” bit.

    Cannot wait to paint him, so amped.


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