[WIP] Lord-Celestant Balon Windswept and Nayogg

Looking forward to painting the pair. Nayogg (the Dracoth) is white/albino, which will be an interesting bit of painting. Probably going to take some super thinned Carroburg Crimson to it and go with a hard white with a little pinkish tint instead of a strict off-white.

Balon will likely get white scales on his cloak/hood to match his Dracoth but his armor and everything else will match the rest of the Canticle.



5 thoughts on “[WIP] Lord-Celestant Balon Windswept and Nayogg”

  1. Looks great so far! I like how you’ve used the hooded head for the model rather than the Celestant helmet, it adds some mystery behind the model. The colour scheme sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will look once it’s painted. Keep up the good work!

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    1. Yea I think it definitely gives him a more “human” but “not human” feel. The problem I’m hitting with him atm is I’m trying to find out some way to base him or add to him to distinguish him more as the Celestant instead of a random Tempestor.

      I’m really amped to paint him, weather permitting, I’ve been waiting for it to get above freezing here so I can prime a lot of stuff haha.

      He also has a twin brother that’ll be getting a black with bluish hints Dracoth in the same vein.

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      1. It’s good that the model has a half human element, as currently the Stormcast Eternal range lacks the half human expression element. Although FW have made a Stormcast with no helmet, with some sort of expression that I like.

        You could possibly try mounting the model on some slate pieces, or small ruin scenery to make the model stand out. Although from the looks of it the model is already glued onto the base. Alternatively you could glue some spare bitz on the base (I.e; fallen enemy champion) which will add some focused on the model as the main leader of the force. These are few suggestions that could work, or even be developed on if you have your own ideas.

        That’s the down side of having a could weather temperature, takes ages to wait for some warm weather that’s just right for spray painting. I’ve been spray painting some liberators yesterday, it was slightly windy and cold, but just right for making gloss spray go matt smooth.


      2. He’s just sticky tacked to the base, he’ll be following my other models in how they’re based (cork, lustrian undergrowth, drybrush). So he’ll be elevated a little through that.

        I’m considering trying to build him (and his brother) banners to hang from the model, it needs more verticality to match the normal Starter Lord-Dracoth’s hammer banner.

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