Lord-Natums Morell Truesight and Kallen Woodbinder finished!



3 thoughts on “Lord-Natums Morell Truesight and Kallen Woodbinder finished!”

    1. Thanks a ton! The various greens were my way of trying to break it up here and there.

      So to explain the colors:

      -Armor Plates were primarily Caliban Green, washed Agrax along edges, then Caliban Green again on the open areas. Any edges were hit with Warpstone Glow, and a glaze of Warpstone was done on “shine” areas of the plates. A glaze of Caliban Green brought the Warpstone back down a tad, then a gloss coat made it candied and really made it look metallic.
      -Leather is Caliban Green, Agrax recess wash, then Warpstone Glow highlight, with Moot Green highlight on high points.
      -Spikes are Celestra Grey with a Waywatcher Green glaze, then a White Scar highlight.


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