Kitbash Brainstorm – The Jade Kingdom of Halyra and the Dragon Cult of Halacharax

Toying with the idea of cramming together the Black Ark Corsairs, Dragon Blades, Waywatchers, and some other bits to build an aelven kingdom in Ghyran. In my concept I’m imagining a great bronze dragon, a son of Dracothian that’s lived in Ghyran since the Age of Myth. (I call him Halacharax.)

When the Age of Chaos begins a large group of aelven wanderers are driven from their lands and arrive in Halacharax’s domain, he protects them from chaos and seeing their fighting spirit decides to take them into his care. In his glades and beneath his shadow they construct a mighty kingdom that stays secluded from the greater world. They worship him as their chief deity and protect him from smaller threats while he slumbers.

When the Age of Sigmar arrives Nurgle is besieging the kingdom and the great dragonfather in his search for clues to Allarielle’s whereabouts. The Emerald Canticle arrives, hunting Nurgle’s generals, and rescues Halacharax and his followers. As thanks, Halacharax does as his father did before him and joins Sigmar’s forces, and his dragoncult follows to serve the Canticle.

Many of the great warriors of Halyra on death are elevated to join the Canticle, and quite a few have sworn themselves as squires to the great warriors so they may learn the ways of the warriors from Azyrheim and the Stormcast Eternals.


Bitswise I’m looking at stripping down a Stardrake kit of as much armor as I can feasibly do, and removing the saddle/rider since Halacharax wouldn’t be tamed. It’ll be tricky but I’m hopeful I can find a way to do it. Also I’m always happy to get more Lord-Celestant/Drakesworn bits to kitbash elsewhere.


The Sigmar-esque armor fits given Halacharax’s choice to fight alongside the Eternals, but I’d like to reduce the amount of it. The wing armor isn’t removable, but I know the large shoulder plates are at least. I doubt the chest/neck are though.

For the basic soldiers I’m considering doing traditional High Aelven Dragon Blades with a few mixed arms and such for the cavalry, but for the actual foot soldiers a mix of Bronze Knights (Black Ark Corsairs + Dragon Blade bits/Helmets) and Dragon Cultists (Shadow Warrior/Waywatcher Bits.)

Black Ark Corsairs

Their cloaks and non-skull armor will be fantastic and seem to match the Dracoth Rider aesthetic of the Stormcast Eternals. I don’t like the screaming heads though. I might do some weapon swaps, maybe with the Executor kit.

Wildwood Rangers

Too easy, this kit is already awesome enough. The hooded heads and strange blade weapons scream cultists to me already. I might do some minor tweaks here and there and swap some arms out perhaps, but they’re spot on. 

I also want to build numerous squires to carry banners and the like for some of my Stormcast heroes, likely in the vein of Chris Peach’s Lord Veritant Bernadict the Fire Whisperer and his entourage.

I think this’ll be a fun Wanderer-equivalent army for my side forces. I was really wanting to mix Sylvaneth, Knights of some sort, and Stormcast into a cohesive force, and I really do think I can do it here.