Concept – Lord-Veridus


Ordered my bits today to do my Lord-Relictor conversions! Really looking forward to how these guys turn out. Going with a heavy Wind of Life slant instead of the usual Shyish.

Hoping to paint the bones on the shins/arms to instead look like wooden arm/leg pieces from ancient treekin or something.

Backstory – The First Verse

Canticle First Verse.png

The First Verse

The First Verse of the great song that would become the Emerald Canticle was the mighty hum of Sigmar as he threw their weeping souls upon his Sigmarite anvil. The verse was sorrowful, filled with empathy and sadness for the mortals as he glimpsed their lives and pains. Each word he sang was answered with his hammer’s echo, to create a sweet melody that filled the green wind of life and called to more to come to him for salvation.

Those forged during the First Verse are the founding members of the Emerald Canticle. Warriors of the First Verse once lived lives of virtue as knights and citizens of the various households of the mighty kingdom of Keltri in Ghyran before Nurgle arrived and despoiled their lands and people. Their hammers are true, their minds stalwart, but their hearts are jaded and sad knowing what was and could be.

Sigmar chose the First Verse to fight Nurgle in Ghyran as a chance to find vengeance against their hated foe and eventual closure of their past lives. Following the War for Rotwater Blight the First Verse separated from their fellow stormhost, the Hallowed Knights, to pursue some greater mission from Sigmar himself.

The Windswept Brothers

Balon and Valon Ostwern were lowborn bards and duelists in the kingdom, knowing only nights filled with singing, drinking, and carousing as they made their coin with song and string. When Nurgle’s forces first arrived in Ghyran it was not with sword, but with offers and many households of Keltri gave in to the greatfather and joined his forces. Those that didn’t quickly found their cities befouled and plagued with horrific diseases that melted flesh and left the streets filled with rotted corpses.

The night of conquest finally arrived and the Ostwern brothers found themselves locked behind stone walls as Nurgle’s forces besieged the city outside. The garrison wept and cried in pain as the boils and sicknesses took them in mind, body, and soul, but the brothers kept singing on mighty songs of heroes, of valor and honor to keep the men in high spirits.

Eventually the brothers succumbed to their illnesses but their songs continued upon the green wind of life where Sigmar was brought to tears by their melodies. He gripped their souls and stole them from Nurgle to make them anew upon his forge.

Reborn as Balon and Valon Windswept, Sigmar granted them charge of the Emerald Canticle stormhost where they would make sure the lords of Chaos would hear their songs and tremble.

The Convocation of Life

In Keltri many followed the druidic traditions that nurture and pull life energies from living things to accent their spellcasting. With the appearance of Nurgle in the gardens and glades of Ghyran the green wind found itself slowly weakening in the presence of the plagued ones.

Many of the smaller druidic orders were the first targeted by Nurgle’s assaults. The scent of the green wind was alluring to the greatfather’s minions and the orders found themselves hunted to extinction.

In one final stand a druidic circle held off chaos for fourteen days at their lodge deep in the woods, where massive fortifications of vines and briars alone crushed and consumed the invaders. When the plagued lords finally entered the hall they found it empty save for a sickening sweet scent upon the air.

Those druids would be reforged by Sigmar into the first Lord-Veridors, a Temple their own akin to the Lord-Relictor Temple. Each Lord-Veridor pulls upon the green winds of Ghyran instead of the grey winds of Shyish to maintain the souls of Stormcast and bring them back to Azyr.

The Thunderous Melody

Each member of the Thunderous Melody was born of knightly traditions in Keltri. Every one of them a notorious warrior who rode aback steed with lance and shield to strike down the foes of their lords in faux battles and tournaments to find honor and strength. When the real battles began against Nurgle they were the first to raise their weapons and charge into the fray.

Reborn as Stormcast Eternals, these warriors sing mighty songs out of their hearts that match the thunderous beats of their dracoths. Each step of their mount is met with a verse of their own until their weapons continue the chorus.

Jyorne Heartseeker

Born Jyorne Greysmith, the man who would become known as the Heartseeker was a humble blacksmith who spent decades honing his craft, humming his work song as he tried his best to craft the perfect blade, ever in pursuit of some magnum opus he would never truly be able to finish. Decades upon decades he spent between the forge and the mountains, finding new metals, new techniques, anything to fuel his passion.

Before he’d be able to truly craft the worthy blade he found himself ill. Each cough barely put a dent in his work ethic though, as he ignored his withering frame and kept humming along. Each day his hums and arms grew weaker, and finally he was scant able to leave his bed.

Sigmar caught the man in the nick of time, stealing him back to Azyr and reforging him as one of his eternals. A man so dedicated, so passionate for his mission deserved to finish his craft. Upon reforging, while the rest of the Canticle were placed in the Gladitorium, Sigmar personally left Jyorne access to the godking’s forge and let him pursue his blade. Nothing but a faint worker’s hum and the ring of steel left the forge for days.

It was on the seveneenth day of work that Jyorne finally strode from the forge, and held his blade aloft for all to see and admire. Even Sigmar found a wide smile of pride as he admired his new son’s work and granted both the blade and Jyorne their name, “Heartseeker”.

Jyrorne was then given his next mission and passion. The Knight-Questor was to go to the heart of Ghyran and find a seed of Yorreghal the World Tree. Yorreghal stands as a testament to the resistant of the green wind to Nurgle, and if it falls to the plague god then all efforts must be taken to preserve and regrow it, lest the green wind falter.

Jyorne raised his blade and took his newfound quest with eager acceptance, humming his work song immediately as he strolled to the sanctum to take his place alongside his new brothers.

The Chorus of Life

The primary forces of the Emerald Canticle, the Chorus of Life are primarily forged from the warriors of Keltri who fell to Nurgle’s rot. Each time a man or woman suffered from one of the greatfather’s sicknesses, their soul would be stolen from Nurgle by Sigmar in spite and they would be recast into a mighty warrior to take vengeance upon him.

Each member of the Chorus of Life sings a mighty warsong as they march into battle in step. Their weapons ring out and continue the verse with each strike upon steel as some mighty orchestra bellows fear into the hearts of Chaos everywhere.

The Echo of Vengeance

There are those whose very souls were ripped asunder by the unnatural rots of Nurgle, and when Sigmar finally found their cries they were but shells of hearts. Their song is stark, angry, and hurt as it screams out in pain and for revenge upon the wind against the god of plagues. It was with a heavy heart that Sigmar reforged these men and women into the Echo of Vengeance, a ferocious chamber formed of Retributors who know only rage and hatred of Nurgle.

To their brothers and sisters they may appear normal, but welling within each breast is a song of thunder that is to be unleashed upon the chaos god’s followers wherever they may lie.

The Rhythmic Wing

Each beat of the wing is but the rhythm for a longer song of flight and escape into the sky above, and members of the Rhythmic Wing know it well. In life they may have suffered as their brothers among the chorus did, but in death their souls found happiness adrift upon the wind as they floated about. Their songs were songs of peace, of tranquility and joy and Sigmar sang along as he struck them upon his anvil.

Granted wings to find the sky, they bring vengeance down upon the foes of the Emerald Canticle in the name of Sigmar. The green wind is their home, and none shall defile it while they stand.

New Texture Paints!

Spoiler from October’s White Dwarf! Apparently the mainline of Texture Paints (Agrellan Earth, Stirland Mud, Martian Ironearth, Astrogranite, and Armageddon Dust) are being upgraded to the larger 24ml bottles.

But they are also adding in a new series of “thicker” versions of those terrain paints. Armageddon Dunes, Astrogranite Debris, Agrellan Badlands, Stirland Battlemire, and Martian Ironcrust.

There’s also a brand new paint shown alongside the “thick” versions called Valhallan Blizzard. We’ve been in need of a good snow paint for awhile so hopefully this one turns out fantastic.

As someone who’s painted their bases with Agrellan Earth superthick I’m beyond hype to see how these turn out.