Weekly Update – 7/18/2016

Going to try to keep some weekly update threads, might keep me painting/writing properly and keep this blog from dying. For those who don’t follow me outside of this blog, I do a lot of writing weekly for practice on an RP game for A Song of Ice and Fire (been doing it for like a year and a half now). That consumes a lot of my artistic outlet time but I think it’s given me some good practice I hope to carry back to some more writing for the blog (since people seem to enjoy my little story snippets, and they’re much easier to set up/write in a little downtime than it is to paint something.)

Without further ado, the progress report:

Painting Progress

  • Still finishing off about 20 Liberators, need to paint their shields and decide how to handle the green or highlight it up.
  • I think I’m going to swap from drybrushing the armor and just start hand-edging it all. Necron Compound is really starting to murder my brushes.
  • Speaking of such, got the full range of the new Citadel brushes! They are amazing.

Assembly Progress

  • I have a full Starter and ~2 Eternal halves extra to finish assembling.
  • After Liberators are painted I’m going to assemble/paint one of my Lord-Celestants on Drakkoth.

Writing Progress

  • I think for fun and fleshing things out I might start doing some small chapters of writing from character perspectives akin to the old “lore” posts I did on here. Just little snippets to flesh out characters and bring the Canticle to life (as well as offering me some practice in writing.)

Planning Progress

  • New Sylvaneth releases are gorgeous, I’m plotting how to integrate and make them contrast my Emerald Canticle forces color-wise and theme-wise. I’m considering doing an autumn theme for them and having the Allarielle-analog be one of her daughters (the Auburn Grace or something, representing Fall.) Planning on picking one of those up in September.

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