This Week’s Acquisitions

Managed to get my hand on a second Age of Sigmar Starter this week at $50 which was a steal. One of my local stores that doesn’t carry Warhammer got one during the big release from a retailer convention a few years back for free and had been trying to sell it to no avail so it had slowly drifted down.

A few reasons this makes me incredibly happy:

  • I lost the head to one of my Liberator Primes, now I have a replacement
  • I love the Khorne figs and didn’t get any in my double Eternal starter (obviously)
  • Extra models to waste paint on to test new techniques and paint more Silent Sons (the Stonecast.)
  • I’m wanting to shake up my formula for the Canticle. Necron Compound is just flat out not working for me as a paint choice. There’s a new line of paints coming that have me really excited for edge highlighting and gemstones.

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