This Week’s Acquisitions

Managed to get my hand on a second Age of Sigmar Starter this week at $50 which was a steal. One of my local stores that doesn’t carry Warhammer got one during the big release from a retailer convention a few years back for free and had been trying to sell it to no avail so it had slowly drifted down.

A few reasons this makes me incredibly happy:

  • I lost the head to one of my Liberator Primes, now I have a replacement
  • I love the Khorne figs and didn’t get any in my double Eternal starter (obviously)
  • Extra models to waste paint on to test new techniques and paint more Silent Sons (the Stonecast.)
  • I’m wanting to shake up my formula for the Canticle. Necron Compound is just flat out not working for me as a paint choice. There’s a new line of paints coming that have me really excited for edge highlighting and gemstones.

The Emerald Canticle – Backstories

Been having fun writing more backstories for individual characters and ideas for characters for the Canticle. I’ll likely actually write some of these up as Lore posts and such if people would like to read more.

Its been great organizing the army and kinda justifying what made these people who they are. I’m thinking of entering them in Games Workshop’s “Dream Army” contest and see if I can’t get the stuff I need.

The Canticle will hopefully be a three part army when I’m done. First and foremost are the Emerald Canticle themselves, a Stormcast Stormhost,┬áthen the Ghyran Defenders, various Sylvaneth allies Allarielle has sent to assist the Canticle, and finally a Free-People’s force of some sort that will be ragtag survivors of ancient human kingdoms.


Emerald Canticle Continued Work

Well I’m back, going to continue painting the Emerald Canticle. They weren’t selling and I’m not willing to compromise. I had them super cheap and had more emotional attachment to them than I care to admit. So they’re staying mine and I might as well continue them.

Partially because two pictures have totally won me over.

Per usual thanks to the amazing Lady Atia for the information.

Alarielle on Giant Beetle? Literal Wood Elves? My wallet hurts so badly. I’m definitely taking some time today to paint up some canticle figures.