Emerald Canticle Up for Sale

As noted in my previous post, I don’t have time anymore sadly to continue work on the army. I’ve got it up on Ebay at the moment (including the Maggoth Lord.) If anyone is interested and wants to buy it I’d love to help them with instructions/tips on finishing painting them.

I’d rather see them go to another hobbyist than someone who’s going to strip them for the value.


Clan Khorvaak and the Future

Hey guys, Shadowclaimer here. Just wanted to keep people in the know of the status of the blog and direction of things.

As of late there’s been a trim down of the number of posts I’ve been making, one of the primary reasons is that I haven’t had an exorbitant amount of time to paint (as much as I want to) and what time I’ve had has been consumed by my other hobbies. I’ve also kinda just stepped away from AOS in general as well, just kinda expensive with terrible resell value which is a major downer in a hobby for me. I still love the universe, still love the models, still love painting them when I can but the fact that painting things (even well) seems to devalue them is a bummer that makes me not want to keep pouring money into it.

I’ve been trying my best to catch some of the news for upcoming AOS/40k things as well as possible (including being the first on the blogosphere to bring you the Dracoth news the other day.)

Going forward, this blog is mostly going to be pretty quiet. I don’t foresee myself painting a ton of stuff anytime soon, I’ll still be throwing up news posts whenever possible and still welcome comments and discussion on them, but TBH between Naftka, Bolter, and Lady Atia’s page (my personal go to) you guys have a plethora of news sites available that are reposting the exact same information.

If you guys want to check out any of my other ventures, you can primarily find me on either of my Twitter accounts.

Shadowclaimer, my general Twitter that also gets notifications from this blog.

Jek’s Builds, my Lego related Twitter that gets notifications from my other blog.

My primary focus as of late is my Youtube channel Jek’s Builds, which I’m trying to get off the ground. I’ve been uploading piece by piece build videos of various Lego sets I’ve been buying. Its a hobby I’ve enjoyed for the creative freedom, decently lower barrier of entry, and huge resell value. The blog for the page can be found over on WordPress as well.

Overall its been a great experience working with you guys and talking with some of you, hopefully I can continue to provide you with some news here and there. Just don’t wanna keep people hanging on for more painting tutorials, updates, etc. when I don’t see any coming in the near future.

Hope to see you guys around!



White Dwarf 111 Leaks – Stormcast Eternal Dracoth Cavalry!

Quote on the French Warhammer Forum about the Battletome: Stormcast Extremis:

Next WD for your viewing pleasure:

Battletome Stormcast Eternals EXTREMIS (Because they’re more extreme than poor regular Stormcast peasants? It’s the 90s all over again!) 21€ / £15 / $25 / AU$ 99.999
88 pages, 2 battleplans, 4 battalions, 7 warscrolls ( so 2 more units than what is already in the WD, they refer to something called a Star Drake so your guess is as good as mine regarding what it will be)

– Dracothian Guards (2 mounted Stormcasts like the one in the AoS box) 55€ / £40 / $65 / AU$ your mortgage

– Knight-Heraldor (1 model) 19.5€ / £15 / $25 / AU$ a trained battle kangaroo
Yup, it’s just an alternate model of the previous Heraldor. Rejoice trumpet lovers for that one has no chance of sticking his instrument in his eye!

– Tempest Lords upgrades pack 9€ / £7 / $12 / AU$ your firstborn

– Starter paint sets 28€ / £20 / $33 / AU$ your soul
3 Marines or 3 Stormcasts, with 8 mini pots and a brush. Very very costly for the content so not really designed as an entry tool for kids, it’s more for parents looking for a present I suppose.

– Super Glue €7.5 / £5.25 / $8.75 / AU$ 15 (hey, it’s actually the real price!)
A box of 5×0.5g of glue, for a mighty total of 2.5g… … … I… I… I do not… wut?

WD starts with a photo that I assume is supposed to wake up all those who still believe for some reason that AoS is a skirmish game. Now go buy 12 more Varanguards and 24 Dracothian Guards while you’re at it *WHIPLASH*!

5 warscrolls inside the WD, actually one for the Lord Celestant on Dracoth and 4 for the Dracothian Guards that are actually just the 4 weapons options. Fulminators (glaives), Tempestors (not-bolters crossbow), Concussors (hammers) and Desolators (axes, which actually increase their number of attacks the more they are in the unit, 3 for 2, 4 for 4 and 6 for 6… now go buy more!)

Next week hints is something something Dracothion and Warriors of the Extremis Chambers.