Painting Calendar – 2016

I’ve decided to organize my “big model per month” goal for 2016. December I knocked out my Maggoth Lord, and I’d love to actually put the mileage in this year and do one big monster or large model per month. I’ve learned that painting individual infantry identically is definitely not my thing (I spent just as much time on a single infantry as I do on something 10x its size.)

There will be a ton of random models throughout the year per usual, but these will be my focuses as the year marches on.


January – Tau Pirahna

I own an old Tau Pirahna I never painted but already assembled. I’d love to use it as an opportunity to learn how to do camouflage paintschemes and a chance to revisit my ability to paint Tau now that I’ve learned more.


February – 2x Lord-Celestant on Drakkoth

Time to finish off my two Lord-Celestants on Drakkoth. Both of them are members of the Emerald Canticle and twin brothers. Their mounts are Yin/Yang themed with one being Albino and the other black. I’ve got head swaps for them too.

March – Valkyrie

Bought one of these from a friend, never got around to painting it. Been really looking forward to it. Still deciding on color scheme.


April – Venerable Dreadnought

The blog’s namesake has a Venerable Dreadnought already bought but never assembled/painted. I intend to remedy that situation. On that note, I really wish there was room in this calendar for a Contemptor (I may still paint one up randomly this year.)



May – Fyreslayer Salamander

Saw the model today, I have to paint one. I don’t care how much it costs (please don’t be over $85..) The skin looks like it’ll be a blast to paint, especially with the whole light base dark scales, and of course dorfs in loincloths.

June – Mortis Engine + Spirit Hosts

The new “Start Collecting!” kits introduced me to this model and I’ve been craving painting some ghosts, especially with the new Corax White spray.

July – Onager Dunecrawler

Needed an excuse to paint one, and the new “Start Collecting!” bundles made this entirely a viable choice for the cost.


August – Baleful Realmgates

Been eyeing these things since they were released, finally time to do the Emerald Canticle Realmgate of Life and the Realmgate of Bile.


September – Ghostkeel Battlesuit

This is my birthmonth and I have a tradition of buying/working on Tau stuff for it. The Ghostkeel is my new favorite battlesuit and I’m looking forward to assembling and painting this beauty.

October – Imperial Knight

Been waiting on this kit too long but haven’t trusted my capabilities enough to give it a swing. By October I hope that changes.

November – Nagash

A ‘gateway’ paintjob. I feel like I’m obligated to paint this guy to prove my worth. He’s also really freaking cool.

Archaon EverchosenDecember – Archaon the Everchosen

The model I really want to paint, but can barely justify the pricepoint. I’m still torn on how I want to go about painting him (part of me thinks he’d look sick in all Khorne colors, even the three beasts could pass as Khorne creatures if painted various red/orange/yellow shades.) I cannot, cannot wait to get my hands on him.


5 thoughts on “Painting Calendar – 2016”

    1. My weekends are varying states of free and I’ve usually got about 4-6 hours a day to do whatever. I think a month is a fair amount of time, it took me 12 hours of hard work to get the Maggoth almost finished, so I think I can do these (hopefully.) The end of year ones are the ones I’m most afraid of.

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