Modeling/Painting – Maggoth Lord Part 1

Started work on my Nurgle Rotbringer Maggoth Lord this week. I bought the model a few months back and finally had the time to crack into it and start assembly/painting.

It took me about 5 hours of straight work to assemble the bastard. There’s a lot of choices in the kit (3 tongues, 3 stomachs, 4 arms, 4 legs, 3 riders, etc.) and it made for a hard time picking what pose and such I wanted to do with the mode. Quality of the model was great, Games Workshop is really good at avoiding flash on their models and the detail level is incredible as with most of their recent product.


Assembly was a mess though, mostly because of my inability to not glue my fingers to everything. There’s a few assembly gaps in the model I wish I had fixed before painting (I assumed the primer would fill them out, I was wrong.)

Painting was a breeze, I followed Duncan Rhode’s guide on Warhammer TV for some basics and did color choices and detailing on my own whim. Once again, Rhodes has proven an invaluable tool and easily the best product that Games Workshop produces. I also took time to watch/listen to the Advent Calendar set of videos which were an incredible source of inspiration for some future projects/paint jobs.


When painting the Maggoth Lord I began with the skin tone. I started with a raw base of Castellan Green, focusing primarily on the areas on top of the model and areas of skin that would be considered “the upper areas”. The secondary layer was Deathworld Forest which I applied using a large drybrush and stippling it under all the other Castellan Green areas. The final layer was a belly color using Zandri Dust and the same brush, I stippled the paint all around the stomach, lower arms, and lower legs.

Washing was where the skin began to shine. I hit the upper areas of Castellan Green with a Nuln Oil wash. Then began a multi-layer wash of Athonian Camoshade. I hit the upper areas a bit heavier and tried to ease the transitions with the camoshade. I used a Deathworld Forest drybrush on the Castellan Green/Deathworld areas to bring out the skin details and ridges, and a Zandri Dust drybrush for the formerly Zandri Dust areas. I hit the rim of the lip with a Zandri Dust highlight on all the raised areas to try to make them really pop.

The result was a very green awesome series of green shades that I think really brought the model together.


Next up was the tongue. This was a pretty simple Screamer Pink layer followed by a Carroburg Crimson wash, then an Emperor’s Children drybrush. I hit the ooze portions with Nurgle’s Rot and everywhere there was a “spike” on the tongue I made sure to apply a ton of the rot to give it that oozing poison feel. Afterwards a gloss coat was applied to the entire tongue.


Horns and Teeth were a base coat of Zandri Dust with a gradual series of Agrax Earthshade shades done to them. I actually applied the the most near the tips of horns, moving about a centimeter up each horn each time I did the next shade. There were some issues with this coat I’d like to avoid in the future, and I’d advise to anyone mixing 50/50 Lahmian Medium with your Agrax if you’re going to do this to avoid the splotching issue I ran into on the horns. I then hit them with a drybrush of Terminatus Stone, then applied a bit of Carroburg Crimson around the base of each horn/tooth to try to make them look sore/extruding from the flesh, then hit it with a dose of Blood for the Blood God running up each one to look like they’re truly popping out of his flesh painfully.


Guts and wounds were a base of Khorne Red with about 2-3 washes of Carroburg Crimson, then a liberal helping of Blood for the Blood God and Nurgle’s Rot. I’ve done some minor washes of a few other colors before the Blood/Rot to try to differentiate the organs, but the Blood for the Blood God seemed to have drowned those out.


Boils and veins were a lot of fun. I hit each boil that I could find with a bit of XV-88 just hitting the raised centers of each one. This took awhile but the orange look was great. I then went back over all of them with Carroburg Crimson again to make them look bruised/sore. This really had a major effect on the skin tone. I would advise some people really consider whether they want the boils to stick out and the skin to go more red like I did because it does change the look of the model quite a bit.

Maggots are simply a bit of Screaming Skull with an Agrax Earthshade wash. There’s only a few on the model but making them stick out really makes it gross. Nails were simply Leadbelcher with a wash of Nuln Oil then hit with Ryza Rust.

Overall painting took about 12 hours. I’m still working on getting a few other details done. I need to rewash some of the organs to add color variation and I still have to gloss the wounded areas, teeth, and boils (Blood for the Blood God is already a gloss paint, but I’d like to be consistent.) The flies coming out of the horn need a nice grey drybrush and some actual painting on the flies’ eyes. I could still revisit the “boils” near the markings and paint them up like actual eyes as well since the bastard is blind at the moment.

The rider still needs a final decision made. I’m honestly considering commissioning out the rider to paint to match the commissioner’s army and sell the entire model. Its a gorgeous centerpiece.

Overall, very, very fun model to assemble/paint. Would highly recommend anyone looking for something monstrous to paint for fun pick one up. Price point wasn’t terrible, I paid $60 for mine and got quite a deal but it’d be worth it at the MSRP price as well. My only complaint was I wish there was a piece to make it a riderless Maggoth, but that’s a pipe dream.

Upcoming – Forge World Thousand Sons Upgrade Kits

Well I can safely say I didn’t see these coming out of the blue. They’re not as elaborate as I would’ve hoped, but still pretty awesome.

Get yours at Forge World now!


Painting – Mechwarrior Clix Joust Repaint

Been repainting some figures from Mechwarrior Clix with my buddy for his upcoming Battletech tabletop RPG. I took a swing at the Joust battletank from the Liao Incursion expansion.

For reference, this is its default paintjob from Wizkids:


Here is what it looked like finished (Pre and Post Weathering):

Really had fun using some Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Stirland Mud to make it look used and worn.

Painting – SDE Briar Knight Spawn Point

Finished these up the other day but forgot to post them.

I’m really, really proud of them, I only have a few minor issues and mistakes that I know I did.

  • I didn’t wait for layers to dry and got impatient
  • I had too much paint during the drybrush of the Orange crystal one
  • I didn’t bother with mold lines at all
  • I could’ve done better to accent the crystals

But regardless I think they came out great.