WD94 Leaks – New Paints, Painting Set, Carrying Case, and More!

New paint colors and more coming in WD94! Should also be including the new poster that shows various Citadel Recipes. I’m really excited for this one, given these techniques, paints, and the like all can be used across other miniatures.

The new Dry paint color choices are excellent. I’ve used quite a few of the “now in Dry” (Dawnstone) as a drybrush for awhile, so seeing that made me very excited. There’s also a lot of great vibrant color choices that dry paints were lacking. Dawnstone, Sylvaneth Bark, Astorath Red, and Imrik Blue are all going to get serious use in my painting.

The new Paint Set looks cool too, I’d get one, but the price point on these things is usually absurd compared to their quality. I’d rather likely just build my own or buy a wooden one.

Once again, special thanks to Lady Atia and her sources.

gallery_79873_10492_114098 med_gallery_79873_10492_23674 med_gallery_79873_10492_49158 med_gallery_79873_10492_75482 med_gallery_79873_10492_89089 med_gallery_79873_10492_90327 med_gallery_79873_10492_101832


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