WD97 Leaks! – Battletome: Everchosen and Chaos Knights!

WD 96 Leaks – The Everchosen Comes! (Pricepoints, Action Shots, and More!)

Once again, special thanks to Lady Atia.

We’ve got our leaks from WD 96! Next week we’re graced with Archaon’s ($160) presence. This model is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to pick one up. I’m still torn on whether to convert him into a champion of Khorne or Tzeentch.

Pricepoint is a bit absurd, but I’m a sucker with Stockholm Syndrome and at least you get what you pay for in model quality with Games Workshop.


Upcoming – Damocles Command Rhino

Forge World just teased their new upcoming Damocles Command Rhino in their weekly blog!

I’m looking forward to nabbing one of these.


New Freeblade Transfer Sheet

Games Workshop sent out an email that in honor of the Freeblade IOS game (dammit why does it have to be a mobile game..) they’ll be releasing a new Freeblade Transfer Sheet.

The sheet itself is pretty generic, which is awesome, there’s a lot of options and choices and it would work well even with non-Imperial Knight models. I’ll definitely have to pick one or two up for future use.

Get yours on their official website.


Upcoming – White Dwarf 95 Leaks – Blood Angels, Techpriest Enginseer, Mont’ka, Relicos Militarum, and more!

Special thanks to Lady Atia.

Painting – 11/17 Queue Progress – Liberators and Mechwarrior Clix Blade

blade repaint.jpg


  • Basecoated Stormcast Liberator squads with two layers of Balthasar Gold.
  • Washed Stormcast Liberators with Agrax Earthshade heavily.
  • Primed and painted a Mechwarrior Clix Blade mech.


  • 3 Stormcast Liberator Squads (14 units) [Washed]


  • 1 Iron Hands Commander
  • 1 Iron Hands Chaplain
  • 2 Iron Hands Tactical Squads (10 units)
  • 1 Iron Hands Vanguard Squad (5 units)
  • 1 Iron Hands Sternguard Squad (5 units)


  • 2 Stormcast Retributor Squads (6 units)
  • 2 Stormcast Prosecutor Squads (6 units)
  • 2 Stormcast Lords on Drakkoth
  • 3 Stormcast Lord-Relictors
  • 1 Sylvaneth Wyldwood
  • 1 Maggoth Lord
  • 1 Iron Hands Venerable Dreadnought
  • 1 Iron Hands Consul-Praevian
  • 1 Iron Hands Consul-Delegatus
  • 1 Imperial Titan Pilot
  • 1 Iron Hands Centurion
  • 1 Valkyrie

Needs Repainted

  • 1 Chaos Warrior Squad (12 units)
  • 1 Chaos Warrior Chosen squad (5 units)
  • Entire Tau Army

Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought Rules and Size Comparison

Courtesy of @JamesBragg1984 we have the Forge World Leviathan Size Comparison! Here you can see him next to the Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought from Forge World as well as a Space Marine in MKV Power Armor.

Also on the Forge World website we have the rules for this sucker. I’m in love with him in both design and gameplay style and will have to pick one up as a “special character” in my Iron Hands army.

CTriqTJVEAAAcuF (1)leviathanRules1leviathanRules2