SDE – Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition and Legends Kickstarter


This one has me pretty hype. I sold my half-painted first edition and Forgotten King Kickstarter because I needed money to fund my cosplay, so I’m excited to get my hands on this.

Ninja Division has launched the SDE Legends Kickstarter and included with it is the Super Dungeons Explore 2nd Edition set. Legends is a new tabletop RPG setting that allows you to play the game with a small party in the typical roleplaying style. SDE 2nd Edition redoes all the sculpts of the base game and has them come pre-assembled (like all the later expansions did) as well as coming with rules updates and the like.


One of my biggest pet peeves with assembling the miniatures was that there were huge gaps in the models once assembled, and while pre-assembled miniatures are generally harder to paint, they’ve been good about posing them in a way that makes them easier to access all areas for painting.

SDE Kickstarters are also always great on value, and don’t force exclusives (all content is available later individually) so I always love backing them. We’re already seeing a flood of free stretch goals (alternate gender swaps of main game heroes as well as bonus bosses and heroes) which has me excited.


These are insanely fun models to paint, very colorful, very full of life. The game was great too, so looking forward to picking up my second edition copy. Would easily recommend this to both my miniature painting friends and board game playing friends.

For my readers, any of you painted up any of these figures? What are your opinions on the game and what kinds of things are you hoping we’ll see out of stretch goals?


5 thoughts on “SDE – Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition and Legends Kickstarter”

    1. That’s actually a solid idea I hadn’t thought of. I think its awesome we’re getting the F/M variants as well, I have a few female friends that’ll be super happy with that.


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