Upcoming – Celestant Prime Pics

I won’t lie, I’m a little disappointed. The end of Quest for Ghal Moraz definitely sounds like Sigmar will be wielding his hammer into battle. I figured with Nagash on the board, it’d make sense for Sigmar to get a figure as well. I don’t think anyone could deny a Sigmar on Celestial Drake wielding Ghal Moraz wouldn’t sell like hotcakes.

The model is cool, Ghal Moraz looks underwhelming design-wise though. I feel like this would’ve been a cooler Lord-Celestant Prosecutor equivalent. I still think I’ll pick one up down the line however. (As long as its not a $60 USD model, which who am I kidding it will be and I’ll still buy it..) I’ll definitely try to find a Sigmar-esque head to slap onto it though.



2 thoughts on “Upcoming – Celestant Prime Pics”

  1. I am underwhelmed as well, though I wonder if the photos aren’t doing the thing justice. I think a shot from a slightly higher lens would probably flatter the model more.


    1. I agree, I think part of it is also just the defeat of my hype for a Sigmar model though.

      For $80 it better have some damn customization bits though.


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