Preview – Prosecutors with Javelins/Shields

A much lower quality version of this picture circulated originally before we received the initial Stormcast Eternal kits. Last night (on request from someone on Reddit) I skimmed through my core book to find the picture to get a better quality one for the internet. Effectively what it shows are a Prosecutor unit with javelins and shields in the background of a huge battle panorama. It also shows the Chaos Dreadhold well before its time and the Blood Warriors in kit form as well.

What this likely means is that since we didn’t get a Prosecutor kit in the first series of Stormcast releases, we’ll likely see a kit similar to the Paladins in the second series of releases (with a Prosecutor variant and the Javelin/Shield variant, perhaps a third as well?) We’re still due a command squad (as seen in the organizational chart with an instrument player and bannerman), Lord-Celestant on Drakkoth, Lord-Relictor, and possibly Demigryphs in squad form, cavalry, wizards, and a monster.

Regardless, enjoy this preview on things to come! I’m hoping the Justicar arms fit Prosecutors, I’d love to convert some angelic archers. Also that helmet is pretty cool.



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