Reading – Starting “The Quest for Ghal Moraz”

I’ve had a lot to do today honestly, there’s stuff to paint and things to assemble, but I’ve found myself rather engrossed in the new rulebook from Age of Sigmar, the Quest for Ghal Moraz.

Most of the time, I don’t really care about rulebooks. I’m not a player for the most-part, I’m just a painter/collector who likes writing story tidbits and creating cool thematic army ideas that I’ll never finish. So I was excited to get the book for some of the lore background bits to help flesh out my own forces (I mostly bought it because more Ghyran information makes me happy.)

Instead I’ve been pleasantly surprised in general with the core characters and such that lead the Age of Sigmar storyline as a whole. Vandus, Thostos, and Ionus have been interesting characters that each have their own quirks and personalities for all being giant armored badasses (I expected far worse personality dilution given they’re space marine equivalents), but what I’m legitimately enjoying the most is the little tidbits of the realms. There’s a story in Chamon, the realm of metal about a city that was purged by chaos but the souls of the dead refuse to rest, particularly the soul of a master swordsmith and her banshee and hordes of revenants rise up and start attacking both the Eternals and Chaos alike. There’s more to it that plays out and she becomes a legitimate character for a bit. It was unexpected and quite an interesting twist in details that I really enjoyed that really brought the realm and histories to life a bit more, it also is one of those things that screams “awesome minor faction/conversion potential” that I love so much in 40k background lore.

The book definitely feels more like a D&D or Pathfinder book with all the lore bits and random tables and locales, and I’m totally fine with that. Its definitely something that’s creating an awesome atmosphere that makes me actively want to play (and particularly, play a full campaign with proper victory awards and such.)

I’m only about a tenth of the way through, but I’m honestly happy I spent my money on the book. Even if I never play the rules in it, its full of great art, its given me a few audible “oh shit” moments, and a few super heroic badass moments that totally take you by surprise are always welcome. I’d easily recommend the book so far, and I look forward to doing a “final” review of it as I finish it off “soon”.


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