WIP – Nurgle Chaos Warrior

Test model for the foes of the Emerald Canticle, the Bubonic Brotherhood. Armor is Castellan Green Base, Nuln Oil Wash, Nurgle Green Layer, Athonian Camoshade Wash, Agrax Earthshade Wash, Necron Compound Dry.

0YpP5VQ mM41hQq UfcCVod


2 thoughts on “WIP – Nurgle Chaos Warrior”

  1. Very nice work so far! If I may make one suggestion, I think his arms would profit from a tad more definition: Just pick out the gloves in leather brown and/or the armour joint on his elbow in (verdigris’ed) bronze, and you’re there!

    Keep up the great work! 🙂


    1. I agree he needs a little more contrast, I had his boots/gloves brown at first and it just didn’t look right so I went full green. I think I might actually do “revealed flesh” as the joint so I can paint some gross Nurgle flesh in there. The contrast of whitish flesh would match the bandages on the weapon handles and the fur on his cloak but still break up the armor. I might do the elbow in dirty bronze/verdigris’d bronze as well if it doesn’t look like enough.

      Great suggestion!


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