Painting – The Emerald Canticle

Finally got to work on my Age of Sigmar stuff today (have a five day weekend) and wanted to paint up my first unit of my Emerald Canticle Stormhost. Figured you guys would like to see the results, I’m very, very proud of it.

Main unit is Balthasar Gold, washed with thick Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed with Necron Compound. I really love the bronze look of him. The green is Caliban Green base with a wash of Biel-Tan Green and then another layer of Caliban Green Kilt and Scales are Caliban with a highlight of Warpstone Glow after a Biel-Tan wash. Weapon hilts are Screamer Pink, Nuln Oil, Screamer Pink. Hammerhead is Ironbreaker, Nuln Oil, Waywatcher Glow.

The base is corkboard with lustrian undergrowth painted around the visible ground underneath it. Drybrushed with Dawnstone, Celestra Grey, and White Scar, with some Loren Forest and Elysian Green to make it look mossy.

7-30 Liberator 1 7-30 Liberator 2 7-30 Liberator 3 20150730_233732 20150730_233741 20150730_233751 20150730_233800 20150731_000422 20150731_000428


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