Painting – The (Unofficial) Citadel Cookbook (Iron, Gold, Red and Black Leather)

Got the first few pages of the (Unofficial) Citadel Cookbook done.

The Gold page is kinda crazy, there’s just so much you can do with gold and I wanted to avoid multiple pages of recipes for just Gold and instead provide all the choices on the same page. If you guys think I should try splitting it up, I’d love to hear feedback. The new Retributor Gold and Liberator Gold just added more chaos into the mix (and they are amazing paints btw.)

I’m really happy with how the Iron page came out. I feel like I provided a ton of useful information and tips, so definitely go check it out.

The Red and Black Leather pages are pretty simple but figured I’d knock them out now.

All of these pages are subject to updating later on down the line, so if you guys have any tips or suggestions for any of them I’d be happy to hear them, as well as any materials or recipes you’d like to see in the future.


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