Modeling – My First Greenstuff (Son of Morr)

So I decided to sit down and work with green stuff tonight. I bought two tubes a long time ago for working with Heroclix sculpts but found it too hard to work with in general for me (just not my thing.) Tonight I wanted to try my hand at making some custom parts for my Eternal from WD to make him into a Son of Morr.

I’m happy to say, I still hate greenstuff. The sheer amount of effort I put in and the result was lackluster to me. I just don’t have the practice nor the patience for working with it and there’s way, way too much room for error. Some men are masters at it, I am not one of those men.

As a note, this isn’t his final head, I have a Wildwood Ranger head with hood/facemask I’ll be putting on him. Color scheme will be Iron for the core, with Black/White mixed for the rest.

Without further ado, the victim of tonight’s experiment. (Pre-Drying/Sanding)

20150711_011248 20150711_011300 20150711_011310 20150711_011320


4 thoughts on “Modeling – My First Greenstuff (Son of Morr)”

  1. Think that will look good with a hooded head. Very Morrish. Perhaps a couple more skulls. There are websites that sell packs of skulls so it’ll save having to greenstuff them or worse, butcher a box of skeletons.


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