AOS – Bishmeister’s Franz Ascendant

Bishmeister over on Twitter posted this absolutely stunning kitbash/conversion of a Stormhost Eternal into Karl Franz Ascendant. Cannot give this model enough praise. Amazing pose, theme, bits choices, base, and paint job. Had to share it with my followers.


8 thoughts on “AOS – Bishmeister’s Franz Ascendant”

    1. There’s a guy in my local facebook group working on a Sigmar kitbash as well. I look forward to seeing more new takes on some of our old favorites =P


      1. I wish the frakkin’ humidity would drop here so I could spray prime my Stormcast. I’ve got a bits guy sending me some Wildwood Ranger heads too for my Sons of Morr too, which will be awesome.

        As my 40k stuff shows, I love individual characters and stories. So I’m going to enjoy coming up with some unique people with the new lore.


  1. Me too.
    Got a few ideas bouncing around the brain, but don’t want to commit until I actually know the background.
    Hope to started typing up some fiction soon, and painting up some Stormcasts.

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