AOS – Slaanesh Captured, a New Chaos God Appears

This week’s White Dwarf left us with the hint “Where is the Dark Prince?” heavily hinting at a storyline advancement involving Slaanesh. A few images have been making their rounds on the internet including the one above, showing a new symbol replacing Slaanesh’s on the wheel.


Then this supposed leak appeared, discussing Slaanesh being captured by Sigmar’s forces.

I personally believe this is part of the new “ongoing narrative” they were discussing where events will happen to advance the storyline. In my head I imagine since Slaanesh can’t be “killed” he/she will be locked away by Sigmarites, freed at a later date by accident or his corruption leaks out, and we’ll get a book with a bunch of scenarios surrounding it.

As for his replacement a few possibilities exist.

  • Malal/Malice – Chaos God of Internal Fighting, could be possible GW got the rights back to him.
  • The Horned Rat – Symbol doesn’t match but Skaven are now part of chaos, so it could fit.
  • Bel’akor – Symbol matches the shape of his horns/head.
  • One of a thousand minor chaos deities – There are so many minor deities in lore that have never been explored but the general existence of them is mentioned. They all have their own spheres of influence and existence so any of them could come to the forefront in the chaos.

Overall I definitely think people are jumping the gun assuming this is something done to appease “SJW’s” or the anti-sex crowd to make it more family friendly. Supposedly the new AOS novel includes detailed descriptions of cannibalism, so doubt three boobed demons is worse than that.

More likely than not this is a narrative event, and one I look forward to. There’s potential for more minor factions to rise up (Slaanesh corrupted Sigmarites, a new chaos god’s forces, and more.)

Keep your pitchforks down ladies and gentlemen and see where this goes before jumping to conclusions.


2 thoughts on “AOS – Slaanesh Captured, a New Chaos God Appears”

    1. People are jumping the gun bad on this.

      I love Slaanesh when he’s more about obsession and desire and personal gain ala Sigvald. I hate the “lolperv” side of him, and I feel like that’s all Games Workshop puts out models for it feels like.

      I want a group of Slaanesh Marauders that are glorious looking, a section of fabio-looking, gold armor covered men who look like they have it all together and then you realize they’re absolutely nuts.

      Right now this whole thing just shows me that GW is willing to move the narrative and commit big events. I love that, that’s part of why I’ve been looking forward to AOS. A Chaos God has vanished? His followers are being hunted and trying to find him? That’s freaking cool as hell.


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