AOS/Lore – The Emerald Canticle

The Emerald Canticle, Stormhost of Sigmar

The winds of Ghyran favor these bold men for their bravery in the face of the abominations of Nagash. Their lungs were full of the praises of Sigmar as they fell in the End Times against the unending hordes of undead. Their souls so blessed by the wind that they echoed like beacons in the vast void after the destruction of the world and Sigmar himself heard their song light up the darkness.

So it was that Sigmar gripped their souls in the endless night and struck them upon his anvil. The rhythm of their song with his hammer created a glorious melody of life and rebirth that the realms became drowned in.

The Emerald Canticle descends from Azyr upon ringing bolts of lightning, their songs in their hearts and lungs bellowing forth as they strike down the foes of mankind wherever they stand. Where they tread life splits forth from hollow and broken ground and the winds of Ghyran flow through the air blessing all they touch.

They seek to undo the damage wrought by Nagash and Chaos in the End Times and are the ultimate foes of death itself.

“Our Song is Life!”

Backstory for my Age of Sigmar Stormhost I’m working on. I intend to pick up the starter set within the next week and get right to work on it (since I’m still waiting on 32mm bases before I can continue work on my Iron Hands..)


6 thoughts on “AOS/Lore – The Emerald Canticle”

    1. Bronze with Green actually. I like Gold a lot, but I think I want to try a color scheme I don’t get to paint often (as I’m not very Chaos-y or Skaven-y.)

      Have you seen Duncan Rhodes’s new videos on painting the starter kit? Those models are freaking glorious! I really wanna paint that dragon mount green with acid in his mouth.


  1. Ho ho ho.

    If you get some time check them out. Definitely worth the watch if not just to learn more about painting gold from the man himself. I need to get him to sign some of my painting books somehow..


    1. I just placed my order for a double Eternal Starter Box on Ebay. Should be here this week. Going to have a blast painting/basing them, gotta learn how to do forest bases..


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