Mock-Up – Reclusiarch Klamos of the Iron Chorus Mock-Up

Had some time tonight, been messing with the Reclusiarch Command Squad Chaplain. Combined him with some Sternguard bits (the shoulder), a Vanguard jump pack, and some other minor bits to make Reclusiarch Klamos.

Klamos will be leading the Iron Chorus, a squad of jump pack chaplains that will jump into combat singing the glories of Ferrus Manus and the Emperor. I intend to have four more of them, but I’m still debating which bits to use and finding some good sources of them (skeletal marine bits are few and far between.)

I’m very happy with Klamos though, I intend to spice him up with some other minor details down the line to make him better when I actually glue things together.


20150704_000216 20150704_000226 20150704_000237 20150704_000246 20150704_000255


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