Modeling – Brother-Sergeant Pyrrus of the Clan Khorvaak 1st Assault Mock-Up

Finished Klamos and wanted to do another jump pack soldier so took a shot at Pyrrus.

Pyrrus leads the 1st Assault Squad of Clan Khorvaak. Armed with dual hand flamers, he leads 4 of his battle-brothers into combat. The squad has three flamer assault marines, and a heavy flamer assault marine (suck it codex compliance.)

I built him out of mostly Vanguard Veteran squads with his weapons coming from Death Company Assault Marines. and the head from a Tactical Marine.

(Included are some bonus shots of Pyrrus, Klamos, and Ferron.)

20150704_005850 20150704_005828 20150704_005816 20150704_00580620150704_01564320150704_01565720150704_015705


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