Painting – The Emerald Canticle

Finally got to work on my Age of Sigmar stuff today (have a five day weekend) and wanted to paint up my first unit of my Emerald Canticle Stormhost. Figured you guys would like to see the results, I’m very, very proud of it.

Main unit is Balthasar Gold, washed with thick Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed with Necron Compound. I really love the bronze look of him. The green is Caliban Green base with a wash of Biel-Tan Green and then another layer of Caliban Green Kilt and Scales are Caliban with a highlight of Warpstone Glow after a Biel-Tan wash. Weapon hilts are Screamer Pink, Nuln Oil, Screamer Pink. Hammerhead is Ironbreaker, Nuln Oil, Waywatcher Glow.

The base is corkboard with lustrian undergrowth painted around the visible ground underneath it. Drybrushed with Dawnstone, Celestra Grey, and White Scar, with some Loren Forest and Elysian Green to make it look mossy.

7-30 Liberator 1 7-30 Liberator 2 7-30 Liberator 3 20150730_233732 20150730_233741 20150730_233751 20150730_233800 20150731_000422 20150731_000428

AOS – New Terrain – Dragonfate Dias and Numunous Occulum

Once again, thanks to Lady Atia over on her new site War of Sigmar, make sure to check it out.


AOS – Judicator Crossbows (and Super Crossbow)

Figured for those who haven’t seen this I’d post it here.

Holy shit that crossbow is huge, but freaking awesome! Judicators went from “meh” to “amazing” with one picture.


Rumors – Lady Atia Shuts Down Her Twitter Account, Stormcast Judicators and Paladins

Well for those of you that follow me, you know I always plug Atia directly as my source for keeping up with leaks and information about upcoming releases. Apparently she was (kindly) asked by GW to stop and she complied.

Kinda sad, and I’ll have to hunt around for a new rumor-leaker now to provide information/pics from. Even for legitimate non-leaks (Forge World Open, the actual WD the day it comes out, etc.) her Twitter was a great source.

Last we saw, this week’s release is the Eternal Archer units (Judicators) with four weapon options including two crossbows (including one HUGE one) and two normal bows. Next week is supposedly Eternal Paladins with three main weapon options (hammer, axe, and sword.)

If you’re still looking for a source for leaks you can follow Kenny Lull on Twitter, he fed some of the leaks to Atia originally.

My thanks to Lady Atia for providing us with leaks throughout all of these weeks, and I look forward to seeing you around the community still. You’ve done us a great service.

SDE – Funding the Habit

Just put up my Super Dungeon Explore collection on Ebay to fund my Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k habits. Figured I’d post it here if anyone was interested. Its basically a complete set, only base set has been touched (and partially primed.) Rest is just out of box.

If anyone’s interested hit me up I’ll be happy to provide more pictures/answer questions.

Painting – The (Unofficial) Citadel Cookbook (Iron, Gold, Red and Black Leather)

Got the first few pages of the (Unofficial) Citadel Cookbook done.

The Gold page is kinda crazy, there’s just so much you can do with gold and I wanted to avoid multiple pages of recipes for just Gold and instead provide all the choices on the same page. If you guys think I should try splitting it up, I’d love to hear feedback. The new Retributor Gold and Liberator Gold just added more chaos into the mix (and they are amazing paints btw.)

I’m really happy with how the Iron page came out. I feel like I provided a ton of useful information and tips, so definitely go check it out.

The Red and Black Leather pages are pretty simple but figured I’d knock them out now.

All of these pages are subject to updating later on down the line, so if you guys have any tips or suggestions for any of them I’d be happy to hear them, as well as any materials or recipes you’d like to see in the future.