Modeling – Using Adhesive Tack to Mock Up/Paint

I have gotten a few questions about this when I post my models, so figured it is worth a post. A lot of people ask me what that neon orange gunk I use to mock up my models is and where can they get some.

Worry no longer my brethren.

What I currently use is some Elmer’s Tack Removable Adhesive Putty that a friend of mine gave me awhile back. It works great although it is a little weak (might be from age though, it is quite a few years old.) I have been recommended Blu-Tack a few times, and I just placed an order for some of it so I will let you know the strength comparison when it gets here.


Also makes for wondrous boxing gloves.

I love this stuff personally, and now that I have begun using it for modeling I doubt I will ever not mock-up my models before gluing again. Its easy, you take a small blob of it, smash it against a surface, stick whatever piece you want to test out on it, and bam. I have used it for both my major characters now, with only minor issues (drooping/slipping due to weight, as I say above it might just be the age and brand of the tack.)


Its also great for holding bits in place.

If you get a little of the tack stuck in a crevice or somewhere, you can always use a ball of it and roll over it until it pulls up. The stuff seems to stick to itself heavier than to anything else.

A lot of people swear by Blu-Tack for sticking models in order to paint, and I intend to do that as well going forward. My current method was to glue a sprue bit to the bottom of their foot or something, but I would like to avoid having to break anything and risk damaging the model.

If you have any of your own suggestions/uses of the tack please feel free to let me know. I would highly, highly suggest this stuff be a part of any modeler/painter’s toolbox.


2 thoughts on “Modeling – Using Adhesive Tack to Mock Up/Paint”

  1. I’m waiting for the day someone makes a tact that is soft and pliable, until you add a binding agent to it, then acts like green stuffs. That would be awesome.


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