Planning – Inquisitor Calliax Bit Buildup

Plotting my bits to create Calliax, I used some reference points from Inquisitor Harrow to find some nice techy/inquisition bits for him. I hunted through the usual:

  • Warriors of Chaos for non-Space Marine bodies
  • Grey Knights for shoulders, backpacks, detail bits
  • Servitors for bionic arms (and 3rd party sites)
  • Dark Angels for detail bits
  • Empire Flagellants for detail bits
  • Space Marines for everything else

I wanted him to have a bare head with respirator, there’s a few good options in Space Marines but I’ve been saving a couple for some other models, so I went with the Sternguard Veteran head with the respirator and bionic eye.

Body/Back I went with a Warriors of Chaos core. I love the armor, it doesn’t require too much fiddling, and it comes with a prebuilt necklace I can greenstuff an Inquisition I onto. Using a Grey Knight backpack as well for the Inquisition theme and look, I’ll also be putting some power cables on it.

Shoulders Grey Knight Terminator shoulders seemed the best way to go. They’re highly detailed, come with Inquisition detailing already, and I do love me some shoulder trim. Harrow used normal Terminator shoulders which I thought fit great, so I assume these will fit as well.

Left arm will be ripped from a Finecast Servitor, Inquisitor Harrow definitely had the right idea there. Right arm will be a Space Marine Commander Stormbolter/Arm.

A Grey Knight Cyber Skull and Loincloth should fill out the details, as well as a variety of chains, Dark Angels accessories, and green stuff.

Hoping this guy turns out well. Will be ordering the parts soon, so expect pictures.

Bits List

Space Marine Sternguard Bare Head E
Warriors of Chaos Warriors Body D
Warriors of Chaos Warriors Cloak/Back D
Grey Knight Back Pack B
Grey Knight Terminator Shoulder Pad A
Grey Knight Terminator Shoulder Pad C
L Arm Imperial Henchmen Techmarine Servitor (Finestcast Servitor)
Grey Knight Arm Right E
R Arm Commander Storm Bolter
Dragonforge 0.45 Power Cable Set

Empire Flagellants Accessory Chain B x2
Grey Knight Terminator Cyber Skull
Dark Angels Accessory Grenade
Dark Angels Accessory G
Space Marine Commander Symbol A
Grey Knight Terminator Tabard


2 thoughts on “Planning – Inquisitor Calliax Bit Buildup”

    1. Thanks, I’m big on bit by bit construction of some characters and I loved the Inquisitor Harrow article I reblogged yesterday. It really inspired me to work on my own Ordo Cyberneticus Inquisitor.

      I think writing a story bit helped me realize what I wanted out of him too and that made bit shopping for personality/character a lot easier.


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