Lore – High Inquisitor Calliax

A small story snippet to give you a gist of what Calliax is like, and how he’ll be a fun foil to Clan Khorvaak’s characters.

It was dark and the sky was afluster with storm clouds when High Inquisitor Calliax’s ship landed atop a greater spire on Forge World Gorgonum. He walked out of his dropship to a mechanicus procession welcoming his presence on the world, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the view.

They were thousands upon thousands of feet in the sky, and down below were factories and pipes everywhere spewing smoke and particulate into the air. The line of factories abrubtly ended at a mountain range encirlcing them that broke the horizon. Blue and cyan lightning struck across the blackened sky as smoke poured out of one of the mountains in the distance.

“My lord,” a small machine (or was it a man?) whirred beneath him, “I am Hgillix, ambassador of Gorgonum and it is on behalf of the Adeptus Mechanicus we welcome..”

Calliax waved his hand, and the man went silent.

“I need no welcome, you should not have known of my arrival,” Calliax’s voice echoed in his respirator and he took a deep, mechanical breath and winced.

Hgillix showed no emotion but paused in awkward silence for a moment before he whirred up again, “We scan all incoming vessels through our neural net, its quite a wondrous thing, we integrate circuits directly into servitor-psykers that ha..”

His voice trailed off in Calliax’s mind, a jutting pain in his temples was distracting him. Calliax turned around and glared at his retinue while Hgillix continued going on, and on. The Lexmechanic, Orthos, had numbers flying through a screen on his bionic eye as the other other techpriest, Illthos the Transmechanic, was staring at him. There was a silent conversation going on that Calliax was weary of, but these men (if they could still be called that) were too useful to leave behind.

“Qhor,” Calliax’s gravely voice vented as his wheezing sped up.

A small man in an imperial robe walked over and bowed, “Yes my lord?”

Calliax just sighed and nodded, closing his eyes at the man, who proceeded to pull out a large green vial and lock it into a socket on the back of Calliax’s neck. A large thunk sounded as it clicked into place, followed by a release of some sort of gas with a hiss.

The effects were immediate as the drug flooded his systems, the pain subsided and in its place was a feeling of euphoria. Each breath became tolerable, even enjoyable as oxygen was once again properly flowing to his brain. With a click the vial was unlocked and removed, put away by Qhor into his pouch.

And just like that Hgillix’s voice came back into existence, still droning about the wonders of his invention.

“Its entirely legal by Imperial standards, in fact the plans were sent back to the Imperium should they ever..”

“I don’t care,” Calliax wheezed, “I’m not here to see what you’re newest toy is and whether it breaks the rules set down by the God Emperor,” Calliax whirled around quickly, his cape flowing and cutting the air as he grabbed Hgillix quickly and lifted him up by his bionic right arm. A dozen smaller metal hooks and utensils reached out from the apparatus, grasping for leverage.

“What!” Hgillix screamed out.

Calliax got close to Hgillix’s “face” and his voice boomed, “How did you lose this arm.”

“I.. It was..” he stuttered.

“HOW?” the scream would’ve sent spittle all over Hgillix if there wasn’t a respirator in the way.

“Inefficient.. so I.. replaced it.” Hgillix knew immediately by the change in Calliax’s demeanor that he had made a grave error, “But I..”

Calliax gripped the small man’s right side with his left hand, and with one pull ripped his bionic arm clear off. Blood, ichor, oil, and a dozen other liquids sprayed out onto the metal platform as the man dropped to the ground and screamed in agony, crying.

“Bionics are a gift from the God Emperor himself! Let this be a lesson you teach your brethren!” Calliax announced, raising his arms towards the sky. The crowd of gathered techpriests and enhanced nobles backed up and murmured, hiding their own bionics where they could. “The Ordo Cyberneticus sent me here for a reason, you have forsaken what it is to be human, and I intend to remind you.”

He turned around at the crying hunk of machine and man on the ground, he was flailing and screaming when Calliax picked him up by the top of his head. Calliax’s mechanical arm gripped deep into the flesh and metal. The man screamed as Calliax closed the grip tighter and tighter until a crunch rang out and everything went silent.

“Tell the Magos I have arrived, and I demand an audience,” Calliax pointed at the crowd and they scattered into the doorway. He walked to the edge of the landing pad and looked out again at the storm. Ghor walked over and Calliax extended his arm. Ghor eagerly wiped the various liquids and matter off of it.

Lightning struck a nearby spire with a loud crack and Calliax smiled beneath his respirator, feeling as though the Emperor was with him.

We will get to the bottom of this. One way or another.


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