Notes – The Decoxian Cabal

Got bored at work today and had a few minutes to spare to work on some stuff, was going to do a proper write up with some real story elements and such about the Decoxian Cabal but figure I’ll get around to it later when I get more time. After doing some research today into Ordo Machinum inquisitors and a lot of people’s takes on them, I decided to keep notes and decide on some things I’d like to do with Inquisitors.

The core of the Inquisition forces related to Clan Khorvaak is the Decoxian Cabal.

The Decoxian Cabal was called together following several reports of heavy activity in the Mining Ring by the Clan Khorvaak battle barge in cohesion with Forge World Gorgonum’s Adeptus Mechanicus forces. Normally this wouldn’t be a cause for alarm, but the Inquisition had already raised issues with the Khorvaak leadership over working too closely and too frequently with the Forge World. There have also been troubling rumors of geneseed impurities driving the Clan Khorvaak members to hate flesh and praise the “purity” of machinery, and the frequent application of unapproved, unreported, and untested bionics onto the Astartes that can be traced back to Gorgonum.

The Cabal was created as an alliance between the Ordo Machinum, Ordo Astartes, and Ordo Cyberneticus. One High Inquisitor from each Ordo was called to pursue a different aspect of the investigation, share their findings appropriately, and carry out the Emperor’s will if necessary.

The three Inquisitors are:

High Inquisitor Calliax (Ordo Cyberneticus)
(Inspiration: Darth Vader, Sith Lords, Immortan Joe)

-Hates unnecessary bionics.
-Has bionic arm.
-Has bionic lungs, leads to heavy breathing.
-Lost his arm and lungs in a firebombing of his homeworld.
-No psionic abilities.
-Willing to cut off or rip out bionics of those abusing their use.
-Has a retinue of a Lexmechanic, Transmechanic, Chiurgeon, Servo-Skull, and two Servitors.
-Sent to investigate the Iron Hands Clan Khorvaak’s and Forge World Gorgonum’s use of bionics as part of the Decoxian Cabal.

High Inquisitor Orhan (Ordo Astartes)
(Inspiration: Roman Generals and Statesmen, Clean-Cut Military Officials, Ultramarines)

-Former Space Marine from a purged chapter, he turned in his brothers for geneseed flaws.
-Has minor psychic abilities.
-Retinue consists of two Astartes bodyguards, an AdMech Genesmith, and two Acolytes that carry his helmet and relic blade.
-Investigates Astartes and their geneseed. Tests chapters for heresy, geneseed flaws, and violations of the Imperial Truth.
-Perfectionist and Proud to the point of being flawed.
-110% Pro-Imperium.
-Sent to make sure Clan Khorvaak’s geneseed is correct and pure as part of the Decoxian Cabal.

High Inquisitor Mallyn Corrok (Ordo Machinum)
(Inspiration: Imperial Guard Officers, War Veterans, Randyll Tarly, Arcturus Mengsk)

-Fancy jacket, medals galore.
-Long storied history of Imperial Guard and Elite Stormtrooper service.
-Trained under former Inquisitor as his personal bodyguard.
-Known for following Adeptus Mechanicus expeditions in search of STCs with his personal army of stormtroopers (Mallyn’s Marauders).
-Has personally put down rogue Forge World Magos and Planetary Governors many times for hoarding technology and tech heresy.
-Even once destroyed a Knightly house in its entirety to prove a point.
-Retinue consists of a Navigator, Autosavant, and five stormtroopers from his personal army.
-Skeptical of the Adeptus Mechanicus, always thinks they’re hiding something and are disloyal.
-Sent to investigate the alliance between Clan Khorvaak and the Adeptus Mechanicus isn’t violating any rules as part of the Decoxian Cabal


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