Inquisitor Harrow

Would like to do an Ordo Machinum Inquisitor eventually for Clan Khorvaak to watch over them and their AdMech allies and make sure they’re not getting out of line. This guy has created my ideal Inquisitor for that, and I look forward to using his page for inspiration for mine down the line.

Also Gun-Skulls are the best.


So, Steve has delivered in fine form, with Gillam Harrow finally coming to life, along with his pets. Here he is, with his Hound, and a gun-skull:

When I sent him off to Steve, I suggested that he take inspiration from Darth Vader – after all, both are cybernetically-sustained juggernauts. The very classical black-cream-red colourscheme is very Inquisitorial indeed, and marks Harrow out as an uncompromising individual who doesn’t hide his allegiances. There are four Inquisitorial symbols on Harrow’s model alone!

Harrow is made from a wide variety of parts: His body is from theChaos Khorne Exalted Hero; his head, backpack and arm are from one of the Servitors in theTechmarine Set. Harrow himself is one of my first Finecast miniatures, and the conversion wouldn’t have been possible for me without him being in that medium. His shoulderpads are from Space Marine Terminators; his belt buckle…

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