Inspiration and Lore – Gorgonum Planetary Defense Forces

I’ve been hunting around the last few days for some inspiration and backstory for Forge World Gorgonum and the Mining Ring. Gorgonum is a legitimate Forge World in canon, but has zero backstory, its just mentioned offhand. I adopted it because its name matched the Gorgon/Medusa theme of the Iron Hands and it seemed like a cool starting point.

Things get fanon beyond this point.

Gorgonum itself is a huge forge world and acts as the core of my Imperium allies. Forge World Gorgonum provides the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus armies to my forces. My plan is to eventually do a Planetary Defense Force as a counts-as for the Forge World and the rest of the Lapis System worlds, but I had hit a lot of snags on how to portray them.

Luckily today while bumbling around for bits I’ve found my solution.


Anvil Industry makes a miniatures tabletop game called Afterlife. It has some really great models and a glorious style that harkens to the USMC/Spartans of Halo and a few other sci-fi cores. One of the requirements for the PDF was I wanted exo-suits, higher-tech looking armor, and respirators/full helmets. The moons/neighboring worlds of Gorgonum are almost all strictly mining worlds, and most of the planets in the solar system are insanely toxic either naturally or from industrial growth.

Afterlifemechs012_zps7f66b9d9 (1)

These little guys fit the need perfectly for these forces. Their Republic Grenadiers provide me with a high-tech looking soldier that still looks fitting alongside an Imperial Guard force, and their exo-suits are sized/scaled well with 40k pieces in general. Their exo-suits are also very fitting and have a technical look to them that I absolutely love.


I look forward to picking up a squad in the next few weeks to test them out and see how well their quality holds up.

You can find more information on Afterlife on their website.



5 thoughts on “Inspiration and Lore – Gorgonum Planetary Defense Forces”

    1. Thank you! I definitely can’t wait to check them out. I love their style a /lot/ and really want to try to see if I can’t build a cool PDF force.


    1. I haven’t built them yet but these entire minis are Anvil Industries minis. They’re built as conversion kits for Space Marines/Imperial Guard but make easy replacements that look awesome.


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