Modeling – More Ferron Tyrus and Sarkk Mock-Ups

Slow day, had some time to kill so decided to work more on the Sarkk mock-up. I used a toothpick to test how long the weapon should be and how he should hold it. I am going to have to find a long plastic rod or something for the final product (a tooth pick might work but would look a little weird primed, I am sure I can find something.)

I tweaked the Ferron model a little too. I put them both on Terminator bases and used some of my extra rocks I had lying about to test terrain and how they would be positioned. Ferron is the centerpiece of my army, his Iron Guard surrounding him, and Sarkk at his side as his personal bodyguard, so I wanted him to be substantial as well. (I think I am getting addicted to special characters on Terminator bases..)

I have a lot of pictures of them, so enjoy! Any ideas or feedback are appreciated as usual.

20150609_180732 20150609_180742 20150609_181737 20150609_181748 20150609_181800 20150609_181831 20150609_182037


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