Rumors – 7th Edition Codex Space Marine

Rumormill is going about the contents of Codex Space Marines.

Apparently the Captain and Chapter Master are being merged (totally happy with this change) with the Captain able to take an upgrade that makes him a Chapter Master. This is great for me, I had a Captain and Clan Master planned for Clan Khorvak and I had no idea what to do with the Captain, so I might just remove the Captain if I can’t come up with something cool.

Master of the Forge is going away but they’re giving Conversion Beamers to base Techmarines (awesome.)

Supposedly rules for the Command Tanks aren’t in the codex though, which is strange to me. I would like to get a set of them myself for the Clan.

Update: More rumors inbound from someone with their hands on the codex! You can find it all at here.


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