Art – Sarkk the Unbreakable

Spent some today trying to design and fill in information for Sarkk the Unbreakable, and went shopping for bits for “inspiration” to his look and to find things that might match his personality.

Sarkk is supposed to be a brute, his two-handed thunderhammer inspiring fear in his foes. He’s also the kind of character who’d be boisterous and challenging every foe to a duel he can find, his unit, the Iron Guard are all in a similar vein. They are all elite veterans in the Iron Hands and fought in Clan Khorvaak for centuries, being elevated to the personal bodyguards of Ferron Tyrus. They use Iron armor instead of the usual Black/Iron color scheme to represent their status.

I needed bits that would represent their name, nature, and personalities. I went with as many things with bolts/nodes/whatever I could find. Sarkk had to be bald, it was a given, as much as I like space marines with hair there’s something far more imposing about a bald man. Although if I can find one with a beard I like he may end up with that.

Hammer will have to be built. There’s a Master of the Chapter with a hammer I might steal, haven’t decided yet.

I’ll probably try to do a mock-up model of him tonight, see what I can come up with from my bits box.


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