Inspiration – Fitting Servitors for Adeptus Astartes

So I spend a lot of time talking about kits that bother me, the current Servitors are definitely up there. They’re super pricey, ugly (which they should kinda be, so that’s likely unfair), and definitely in need of an upgrade.


I also don’t think they fit the Space Marine aesthetic that great, but a Techmarine without servitors or servants is not a great Techmarine. He needs minions carrying his guns, protecting his devices, and actively sacrificing themselves for progress.

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking into ideas for what to do for my Iron Elders (my three Iron Fathers.) I wanted each to have their own aesthetic/personalities represented by their servitors effectively. Father Gregorus is going to have tanky, beefy, brute servitors. Father Koran is a bit more mad and loves his servo skulls and robots like they’re pets. Lastly, Father Edrikk is a straightforward prideful Techmarine with his servitors.


Gregorus was easy, I wanted him to be brutal, large, imposing and such. It was simple to give him his two bodyguards, I’d simply make them all using parts from the new Cult Mechanicus Kataphron kit. A pair of Kataphrons as servitors for an Iron Father would be awesome, and I could even use some of the bits (maybe even the tankier treads) for him to make him absolutely imposing.


Koran is a bit easy too, servo skulls can be found in quite a few kits and are really easy to make with bits and wire. CATs might be a bit harder, but there’s a few bits I’ve been looking at that could be translated into it.

The one that I was walling on was Edrikk. I didn’t want to shell out for the core Servitors. I don’t like them, I hate painting metal, and all the other points I put up above. I needed 5 of them, two Plasma Cannon, 2 Heavy Bolter, and an “assistant” Servitor, and I had no idea what the hell to do with them. At first I considered just picking up third party servitor kits but they were all rather expensive and lacking in options and poseability/customizeability.

Then this creative genius on Reddit posted his custom Inquisitorial Servitors.


By combining bits from various Grey Knights Kits, Space Marine Kits, and Inquisition kits he managed to make some awesome looking Servitors for his Inquisitor. I am absolutely in love with his designs using the core of space marines with a variety of legs and decorative bits, with a Devastator Weapon modded and slammed onto the arm as a weapon arm.


Best part, I’d easily buy extra Devastator kits, especially since the new one is absolutely glorious. You end up with tons of extra bits and parts that can be used in future work. The “failed Neophyte” look totally fits the attitude/snobbery of Edrikk and how he treats his underlings and other marines. He is machine made flesh, he is pure, he is mighty, and no one is as dedicated as he is.

I’ll definitely use his designs as a basis going forward, and I’m very happy with that.

If you’d like to seemore about Hellblade87’s inquisitor servitors, he has a Reddit thread up with more information and pictures.


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