Incoming! – Reclusiam Command Squad Chaplain

Finally! Today’s acquisition is one I’ve been looking forward to.

This is my favorite Chaplain, there’s a few good ones but most of them look silly. The main reason I wanted this Chaplain was his badass head options, however there’s one huge issue with the bastard. He only comes in the Reclusiam Command Squad which is unfortunate because that’s a $90 box that is worth exactly the value of what’s in it. A Razorback, Command Squad, and the Chaplain (and I don’t need a Command Squad and Razorback right now.)

Luckily for me, I found someone on Ebay who was selling just the Chaplain for $25. I eagerly nabbed it as fast as possible. I intend on converting/kitbashing him a bit into Reclusiarch Klamos, leader of my Chaplain squad, the Iron Chorus. I’m still trying to decide on whether I want them all to be jump pack infantry or not.

I’m loving this sprue though, I wish GW would release it as an actual release, I’d easily buy a couple more to finish this squad, until then I’ve gotta find some heads, torsos, and chaplains that look “bone-y” for the other Battle-Singers in the Chorus.



  • Reclusiarch Command Squad Chaplain ($25) [Ebay]

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